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Play Don't Escape 2 Don't Escape 2 Mar. 10, 2015
Kill Bill... I see what you did there :P
Play Road of the Dead 2 Road of the Dead 2 Feb. 14, 2015
Is my partner unaffected by the explosions that fatally wound me... or just selflessly compassionate? o.o
Play Road Of Fury 2 Road Of Fury 2 Feb. 07, 2015
"Don't disappoint me, please." Polite bad guys are the most dangerous.
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Feb. 03, 2015
I bet this dev thinks this is a great way to get a higher play count... forcing refreshes every 5-10 minutes and blaming it on a lack of "powerful computer" ... sorry that my 10gb of RAM can't handle your half-assed coding skill. >_>
Play Picma - Picture Enigmas Picma - Picture Enigmas Dec. 25, 2014
Bigger and better than ever ^^
Play A Dance of Fire and Ice A Dance of Fire and Ice Dec. 04, 2014
"Forgive me" XD - Great rhythm game, hope to see more from you ^^
Play Transmission Transmission Nov. 04, 2014
Thoroughly enjoyed this game, great concept! - For anyone stuck on the 7-13 stars, there are two completely different methods... take advantage of deleting signals ;)
Play Desert Moon Desert Moon Oct. 15, 2014
Been a while since I had so much fun with a defense game! ^^
Play CellCraft CellCraft Jun. 21, 2014
I've had an RNA glitch a few times.. becoming impossible for the slicers to touch, attached to the nucleus... forcing me to restart :/
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 21, 2014
Folklift > Forklift.
Play Idle Mine Idle Mine Feb. 09, 2014
If you had the option to melt the duds down to make new ones... the blacksmith would lose 5,000x Earth's value in gold to make a better one.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Dec. 05, 2013
Finally got the hard badge after ages of grinding (afk on stage 11, middle, lol)... if I could rate this -5/5, I would. 0 fun, you expect people to pay for 'research' that does just about nothing... I tested up to 7 tiers of the moab damage one... is that like a 0.05% influence? Whoever pays $35.00 to get a total of 1% influence on the game must be pretty upset. lol.
Play Bloons Super Monkey 2 Bloons Super Monkey 2 Dec. 03, 2013
It seems every time you guys release a game, you try and milk it even more than the last... BTD5 was fine... but... at least make the games 'fun' or at least have it so people WANT to play if you expect them to pay for content... $50.00 for a hard badge? lol..
Play Zombies Took My Daughter! Zombies Took My Daughter! Oct. 21, 2013
Why do all these people seem to know my daughter...? T_T
Play Lucky Tower Lucky Tower Oct. 12, 2013
Comfort food. :)
Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine Zombotron 2: Time Machine Oct. 04, 2013
The sky appears to be solid.. I definitely hit the sky with that bullet.. I guess that makes sense.. pollution is a serious issue after all.
Play Badge Master Badge Master Oct. 01, 2013
Oh, Badge Master! You've returned <3 If you were gone any longer, I may have resorted to going OUTSIDE! O_O
Play NoNoSparks: The Ark NoNoSparks: The Ark Sep. 25, 2013
Giraffe? That looked more like the Kong mascot :P
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Sep. 25, 2013
Wtf, how'd he reach it up there? HAND BALL.
Play Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Epic Battle Fantasy 2 Sep. 25, 2013
Well, that was a nerve racking final boss XD, the hydra was irritating though. instant death spam T_T. If you want the impossible badge, just play defensively for the final boss. Don't rush it, and whatever you do, don't leave both turret spots open... don't.