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Play Chibi Knight Chibi Knight Jan. 14, 2015
wtf I cant chose the skill I wanna lvl up,gotta do the one it allows at the given just alternates between magic and armor with each lvl but never attack...not easy killing high lvl enemies with lvl 0 attack!
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Dec. 04, 2014
seriously,theres still no sound effects,just music?game should have some by now...
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Sep. 05, 2014
sound plz.would be nice to hear the dinos and attacks and not just music with background sounds
Play Dino Battle Dino Battle Aug. 22, 2014
will save data continue to carry over as more updates are added or will we lose our progress at some point?I'd rather not spend alot of time playing it now just to lose my progress later on
Developer response from makerart

No, there will be no wipe, characters won’t be deleted. You can play without concern.

Play Island Escape Island Escape Aug. 22, 2014
any chance of A sequel,or updated version?
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic May. 03, 2014
omg cant even pass lvl 15 lolololol
Play Smoking Kills Smoking Kills Mar. 21, 2014 I read the mission breifings in my head I hear it as the voice of the "Shitty Chicken" guy from South Park...anyone else or is it just me?lol
Play Outernauts Outernauts Dec. 04, 2013
I meen sector 3,but still!...
Play Outernauts Outernauts Dec. 04, 2013
OMG THIS WAS THE BEST GAME ON KONG!I still havnt even passed sector 2 yet...was looking forward to exploring what lied beyond that...why do the best games always get shut down?!
Play Ashtaria Ashtaria Dec. 01, 2013
game with alot of potential,just needs some tweeks and watnot.seems ppl dont like the long animations,but thats prob my fav part of the game,far to many turnbase games use simple animations,i like these alot,but the buffs/debuffs animations seem unessissary and time consuming
Developer response from Dreamslair

Thanks Masta, we really appreciate your feedback. If you have further tips, you can write us a line on our forum. See you there!

Play Undead Isle Undead Isle Nov. 30, 2013
i found myself checking every drawr and door and watever else seemed like something openable/searchable,only to find its just alot of decoration wich was dissapointing.would be great if the next part would have things to search in to find ammo,healing items,and all the good stuff games like to hide in searchable things,maby even basic things like nails and stuff and be able to craft weapons,the old bat-with-nails in it is always great for zombie head smashing,lol.hell go all out and let us search what we kill,never know what they have on them that might be useful.NPCs would be great as well,you know maby someone needs your help finding/rescuing someone or just something simple like collect sertain items for them.a lvling system would be nice as well,also more enemy variety...hell im prety much asking you to make a full blown RPG like Fallout or somthing,lol.well whatever you come up with i know itl be great
Developer response from MartianGames

thanks for the creative ideas!!

Play Dino Storm Dino Storm Oct. 24, 2013
nm i got it
Play Dino Storm Dino Storm Oct. 24, 2013
omg why all of a sudden the game doesnt work....could it be my AVAST firewall?ive checked but have no clue how to alow stuff to work....i meen its just this game of all games!cursed firewalls screwing me over all the time...sad part is I dont even know how to turn it off!fml
Play Island Escape Island Escape Oct. 19, 2013
OMG my file seems to have much progress lost...
Play Outernauts Outernauts Sep. 22, 2013
ever since the update I cant play.just got a little sadface like thing in the middle of the page that says"the operation timed out".never did this b4,but its all i see now,havnt even goten to the load screen since the update.anyone have an explanation for this?seems im the only person with this problem(not a browser problem,already tried diff ones)
Play Outernauts Outernauts Aug. 17, 2013
will ppl shutup about pokemon already!good lord its obvious when a game wil have similarities before even playing it,doesnt meen you should point out the obvious or be a douche about it...this game is beter anyways,and the only similarities with pokemon are creatures and battling,thats about it!
Play Outernauts Outernauts Jul. 29, 2013
played this on facebook for a wile wen it first came out.eventualy gave up do to insane lag and energy.seems its much beter now,doesnt lag to bad and so far no stupid energy problems....ges im startin the game over on here,seems worth it now that i can actualy play it,lol.have as lot to re-do but i think itl be fun seein the new changes
Play Reincarnation:  Riley's Out Again Reincarnation: Riley's Out Again Jul. 29, 2013
beat it 2 times and still no!everytime a game gets the BOTD that badge stops working!
Play Pwong 2 Pwong 2 Jul. 25, 2013
85% accuracy over and 87% once....BOTD hates me!lol
Play Contract Wars Contract Wars May. 23, 2013
after 100% load it went black screen and hasnt changed for like 10 minutes and i dont expect it to any time pc suks so i gess thats wy...gess il just wait for an hour or so to see wat hapens