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Play Spirits of Elduurn Spirits of Elduurn Sep. 07, 2014
Level 4-5...Never has such an adorable game caused me so much frustration. I was breezing through it up until this point
Developer response from CaliferDD

I know what you mean! When I was testing it I was stuck there for 10 minutes before making MetzinSoft put in a skip button.

Play Eight Temples Eight Temples Jun. 28, 2014
It makes me sad to see how neglected this game has been over the years
Play ESCAPE ESCAPE May. 12, 2014
@josh45eider Actually Escape came out first and is by far the superior game.
Play Rise of Mythos Rise of Mythos Mar. 28, 2014
Typo in Freyja's ability: "Freyja's Will- All friendly creautures..."
Play Detective Grimoire Detective Grimoire Mar. 09, 2014
Played the entire game on silent, then found out it was voiced by Egoraptor, curse my luck.
Play Clarence's Big Chance Clarence's Big Chance Sep. 27, 2013
Damnit...So tempted to say "I'm a Yalortorian"
Play Nelly 2: ep.1 Nelly 2: ep.1 Sep. 10, 2013
Pretending to play fruit ninja on that loading screen
Play MARDEK RPG Walkthrough MARDEK RPG Walkthrough Jan. 13, 2013
im starting to wonder if we'll ever see chapter 4, i searched fighunter for upates but i could only find 2 forums on mardek, one concerning saves and the other was art for chapter 3
Play Killer Escape Killer Escape Dec. 30, 2012
god the cooling system...theres got to be a hint somewhere
Play ClueSweeper ClueSweeper Dec. 30, 2012
"...found dead, strangled with a rope" how is it that i still haveto identify the murder weapon if i already know what it is?
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 17, 2012
what is with that e doing drugs or something?
Play Lucky Tower 2 Lucky Tower 2 Dec. 08, 2012
what? its over already...
Play Submachine 8: the Plan Submachine 8: the Plan Oct. 15, 2012
submachine, the most difficult point and click series i've played that is still enjoyable. although i often get stuck and the walkthrough is really tempting to click
Play Deep Sleep Deep Sleep Oct. 14, 2012
i hate to nit-pick, particularly when its a really good game like this, but a wet cloth doesnt stop the burn, it heats the liquid on the cloth thus making the cloth burn you
Play Fairway Solitaire Fairway Solitaire Sep. 01, 2012
Play Lab of the Dead Lab of the Dead Jun. 24, 2012
this game taught me one thing i'll never forget.... Zombification is an STD
Play Wake Up the Box 4 Wake Up the Box 4 May. 28, 2012
wow, little unrelated but all top comments are on 25th may
Play KongreTube KongreTube May. 27, 2012
@iame123 i agree, the comments should be about way locos can improve kongretube, not people constantly saying how much they love it or posting video references
Play Monsters' Den Chronicles Monsters' Den Chronicles May. 22, 2012
1 problem with this game, how bloody long we had to wait for it. worth it though
Play William and Sly William and Sly May. 18, 2012
it loaded for me once and now it wont work