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Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Nov. 16, 2013
I'd love the ability to have the game automatically grab a number of man potions when you got to less than the cost of your most expensive spell (only enough to get you to number high enough to cast the most expensive). Even better, though, would be if the spell scrolls were always behind the coins and mana.
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Oct. 27, 2013
There's an icy part of the map that's mysteriously devoid of missions...
Play Cursed Treasure 2 Cursed Treasure 2 Sep. 22, 2013
This is a very offensive storyline for a defensive game.
Play Creeper World: Evermore Creeper World: Evermore Aug. 10, 2013
I seriously can't wait for CW3. This series is amazing.
Play Picma Squared Picma Squared Jun. 22, 2013
Beacri - it does save.
Play Mars Colonies Mars Colonies Jun. 19, 2013
Building rotation would be a great addition.
Play Picma Squared Picma Squared Jun. 10, 2013
bohdel, I didn't need to guess on that one.
Play I Love Traffic I Love Traffic Jun. 07, 2013
One guy got to level 142. Seems legit.
Play Kingdom Rush Kingdom Rush Apr. 22, 2013
I can't load the game...
Play Cat God vs Sun King 2 Cat God vs Sun King 2 Apr. 06, 2013
It would be nice if the ankh would say it could only be used in one game. Sure, it says once per game, but I thought that meant once in each game.
Play Space Knights Space Knights Feb. 02, 2013
It's a bit awkward that there's only one speed. So units that don't travel as far just stop abruptly as the rest of the units keep going.
Play Pandemic 2 Pandemic 2 Jan. 26, 2013
I feel like colors should be different for uninfected and dead regions.
Play JumpingLine JumpingLine Jan. 15, 2013
@ScruffytheJanitr It wasn't Konggregate who made the game. No need to blame them.
Play HD Xyth HD Xyth Jan. 11, 2013
What's the point of the New Intel card? It gives a card, but it is a card itself, so there's no net gain. And it might give back its energy cost, but it might not.
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Jan. 04, 2013
@Bruised: could you see it if you zoomed out?
Play SteamBirds SteamBirds Jan. 04, 2013
@Kyndryd: did you notice where it says "Your progress will display 1 extra level."?
Play Road of the Dead Road of the Dead Dec. 30, 2012
Is it that hard to block a single road?
Play Boomshine Boomshine Dec. 29, 2012
I think finishing the game is more a question of patience than skill.
Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 13, 2012
I can only see maybe half of the screen.
Play HD Xyth HD Xyth Dec. 11, 2012
The human siege engine seems to not damage the opponent every turn like it's supposed to.