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Play Mystic Guardians Mystic Guardians May. 26, 2015
great music
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Feb. 14, 2015
Would it be possible that with prestige reset we could get back all of our previously spent EP? That could allow us to change tactic even in very "late-game"
Play Reactor Incremental Reactor Incremental Jan. 27, 2015
upgrades for dolorium and nefastium have same prices
Play Puzzle Fuzz: Idle Stories Puzzle Fuzz: Idle Stories Jan. 25, 2015
Maybe add some exchange place where user could swap ooze for coins with ratio like 1:100? Also I wouldn't mind having option of turning automatic thingy off on my own because sometimes it might mess up my big combo, you could add way to turn it on and off manually in options and then if user is idle for lets say 1min it would activate back on its own. Great game, ton of fun :)
Play Back to Zombieland Back to Zombieland Nov. 01, 2014
move the jumping from mouse to space and attack to some other keyboard button and you will have a 5/5 game, now it is 3/5
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 16, 2014
click power around 400+ level is so weak that even holding the space does not speedup the production, click does 1m per click while i have over 50m on auto per second around same upgrade level
Play oO oO Sep. 14, 2014
Tags for this game also should contain "long" and "boring". Everybody, quickly press minus ("-") button so that normal people cant read this comment!
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Sep. 07, 2014
sorry to say but you have overthought this game, it used to be a great simple idle/click game and now with all extra upgrades, kreds usage and other boosts it became pathetic... Just wanned to say that "expanded" game doesnt mean better game, hope you will get your senses back someday and reverse this madness to original (much superior) concept
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 07, 2014
After certain point (like level 300) auto production updates give almost no boosts. However, theirs costs are ridiculously high
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 04, 2014
We should not be losing achievements with each ascension
Play Idle Blacksmith Idle Blacksmith Sep. 04, 2014
we shouldnt be losing achievements everytime the ascension occurs
Play Clicker Heroes Clicker Heroes Aug. 10, 2014
I really appreciate that you written decriptions near values in base64, it makes it easier to manually change them that way :]
Play Jelly Lift Jelly Lift Jul. 29, 2014
I believe that someone had too much fun with clicking OS version page in Android (jelly beans) =D
Play Glitch Lab Glitch Lab Jul. 12, 2014
Ciekawy koncept i nawet spoko sie gra :) Oby wiecej takich ^^
Play StrikeForce Kitty StrikeForce Kitty Jul. 06, 2014
too many bugs, -2/5
Play Money Movers Money Movers Jun. 28, 2014
level 8 you can jump outside of map :D
Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 13, 2014
Some of the chests cannot be open without the key -.-"
Play Pixelo Pixelo May. 29, 2014
game could be great however it have too much delay on doing simple staff like switching levels, going to menus etc...
Play Sandbox Hero Sandbox Hero May. 03, 2014
Needs way to turn music/sounds volume down (not turnig off)
Play changeType() changeType() Mar. 07, 2014
BUG: if you open settings while level is counting up score, game will enter unresponsive state