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Play Card Monsters Card Monsters May. 13, 2012
Client going out of synch and needing to be restarted is not good. Second time it happened, and I only managed one good battle before it happened the second time. Me having a terrible internet connection is simply not true, as I can play virtually anything else fine. In Age of Empires 3, for instance, I can play matches with people in Japan without issue, so it is obvious that the problem lies with either this game itself, or the way it connects through Kongregate. I will just stop playing now.
Play Card Monsters Card Monsters May. 13, 2012
Constantly loading and checking everything from the server is a really bad idea if there is any significant distance to the server. I am from Norway, and each move tends to bring a wait of at least ten seconds, sometimes significantly more. When that guy talks between missions, I do not get his picture, since it too takes a long long time to load, and when editing the deck after buying the first booster, half the cards were black for half a minute or so before their images loaded. The developers should definitely do something about this, as it makes the game nigh on implayable in its current state. A shame, since it looks really cool apart from the waiting.
Play Relic Relic Apr. 23, 2012
Comment part 2: Increasing the size of the actions bar might be a good idea as well, so that it is easier to choose your actions. The smaller it is, the longer it takes to align the mouse correctly, and the less obvious it becomes that this is the main interaction area with the battle interface. (Case in point, the Pokémon games. There, the actions bar takes a significant portion of the screen) One final thing I'd like changed is to let the player now what kind of game he or she is playing a bit faster. Here, it begins with a rather drawn out introduction, then you move around, without any clear instructions (I clicked everything. Since the first room has no interactable elements, you don't realize interactables are made green when you hover over them). Finally, it takes a lot of time before the random battles begin. Might want to have a tutorial battle earlier. Say right after exiting the house. Other than that, i think the game has great potential. Good luck :)
Developer response from Hyptosis

Thanks for taking the time to give me detailed feedback. I'll listen to it and do a better job next time!

Play Relic Relic Apr. 23, 2012
Comment part 1: Game has potential: Really nice graphics, a workable story, and a lot of well developed systems. However, it is also riddled with annoying points. Lots of random battles, and lots of unneccessary clicking. In battles, you constantly have to wait for the actions bar to come up from the bottom of the screen before you can use it, which means battles take a lot longer than they could. I would make it come up almost instantly after the player chooses an action, so the player can plot his next action while the previous character is doing his attack.
Play Angry Bees Angry Bees Apr. 20, 2012
I find it quite a bit silly how a fully upgraded AK is no better than a fully upgraded pistol. Surely the second most expensive weapon should have some kind of edge over the weakest one? Due to this, the rocket launcher quickly becomes the only viable weapon, which is a shame, as I stopped playing soon after, since shooting things with rockets only dtays fun so long.
Play Rebuild 2 Rebuild 2 Oct. 28, 2011
"I for one could use a new Clifford, at least recreationally." And this woman is our leader?
Play Rebuild Rebuild Feb. 14, 2011
Nice game. Beat it on normal with all endings in 111 days, first attempt.
Play No Time To Explain No Time To Explain Jan. 30, 2011
Wow. ROFL. My words. I don't... have them O.O
Play Master of Fortresses Master of Fortresses Aug. 08, 2010
WAY easy once you have a couple puckle guns, they demolish everything. Build cheap-walls all around the map to force the enemy onto one lane, then build your puckles facing the gap in the middle of the wall, and all enemies walk straight to their end. :) Some palisades with cheap-soldiers may be required to fend off strays.
Play Detective Grimoire Detective Grimoire Jun. 06, 2010
Loved the game. Though the proving of innocence was a bit, well, strange, the overall feel of the game, artwork and storytelling-wise, was quite good. Looking forward to the sequel as announced on their site. :)
Play The Final Death Wish The Final Death Wish Jun. 01, 2010
This inability to progress is a severe damper on the game, as, thinking I'd reach the max level boost before I reached level 30, I chose mostly perks that there would be no difference in getting now or later, not picking perks that could increase in power as time went on. Now, though, I also happened to not choose quite a few of the perks that do damage without me being involved. Anyway - not being able to progress has made me unable to progress further. I simply have no way of getting past the barracks. After between 20 and 30 attempts, the best I've been able to is kill two of the five agents. Against me and my upgrades, they are unbeatable. Also, I have all the best inventory. Does not help. Oh, one more thing: The game has a very variable speed. Sometimes, everything goes way too fast, other times, it’s as slow as slow-motion. And I have a rather good computer, so there must be some coding glitch somewhere.
Play The Final Death Wish The Final Death Wish Jun. 01, 2010
So - the game seemed rather awesome to me. Hard, but quite finishable, right up until the last zone. At that point, I had also long reached the level cap ( in fact, I reached the cap halfway through, and by then, obviously had maxed all weapons. The comments seemed to indicate that I'd gain more leveling capability by the end of zone two. That was not the case, in fact, I have two unfinished levels now, and still - no more than 30 levels. I recommend, for the next patch, to perhaps make it so that doing the challenges is what grants you higher max level, as now, going for the challenges from the start makes half of the game seem a tedious and boring affair. For instance - say each ten challenges completed means a boost of ten more levels. That way, you have more control over when you reach the limit, and you'll be less annoyed at being stuck at level 30, not able to progress at all.
Play 1066 1066 May. 06, 2010
Hmmkay. Only way I managed to beat level one story-mode was to use only archers >.<
Play Hetherdale Hetherdale May. 02, 2010
I liked it :) Hoping the sequel will be a good one. Only complaint was that some of the puzzles were a bit hard to guess, combination-wise and such, making me use the walkthrough a bit agressively, seeing as i dislike being stuck. :P A solution might be to cut down on the amount of inventory-items that are carried at any one time, so that you don't have to change between two pages when trying combinations of items.
Play Thanks Tanks! Thanks Tanks! Apr. 30, 2010
Loved the mechanisms of the game, although the game itself could have been better. Although it's quite cool physics-wise that the tanks may fall over, it is also rather annoying when you cannot make progress due to your tanks laying there doing naught. I would advise making some system so that they either recover or explode when toppled, so that you may get SOME use out of them, money- or otherwise. I think you should perhaps redesign the upgrades as well, so as tio make them less pure upgrades and more of a way to make the game strategically deeper. For instance - some gus should have near-perfect aim over long distances, and the flamethrower should perhaps be nerfed abit rangewise.
Play Bloons Tower Defense 4 Bloons Tower Defense 4 Jan. 30, 2010
Could have been great. Lag kills it, though. Being unable to use spikes because of lag is just plain stupid.
Play Red Fluxion Red Fluxion Nov. 05, 2009
What's the point of making it shoot something that is undodgable? This is especially annoying considering how underpowered the shield upgrade is. Ruined the game for sure. 1/5
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Nov. 03, 2009
Good to see the crosshair-problem fixed. :) It had stopped me from getting further with my day 24 militia.
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Oct. 29, 2009
That Gravity Gun seems rather wildly owerpowered O.o
Play Elona Shooter Elona Shooter Oct. 28, 2009
Gould be great if it ws actually possible to beat it. Several things make it rather impossible: Autosaving makes it impossible to take back actions you may have not done on purpose. I unerstand it for luck-based things, but not for things like buying and selling. If I sell something, then play, I can not take that back, and if selling was a bad move, I have no option but to restart the WHOLE game from scratch :/ 2/5