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Play Flip'd Flip'd Jun. 17, 2012
Great game, I finished it. Only nitpick is that the glowy things have hit areas that are WAY too small. I know you said you made them easier, but imho they're still too small. There were many times when I thought I walked/jumped right through one only to see it still sitting behind me... especially on the level where there's a line of them over the water at the start.
Play AWOL. AWOL. Aug. 22, 2011
@CoCon_16 Pretty sure I could beat it if I got a bit lucky :) I'm currently #2 at least, hah. Do you wait at the start for your fuel to fillup to 100? I did that a couple times but it didn't really seem to help in the long run.
Play AWOL. AWOL. Aug. 22, 2011
@Hessier00 but that's the whole point of the jet mode... when you flip you can fix it in jet mode really easily
Play Big Runner Big Runner Jul. 18, 2011
@omazing I think your score is there now, the Kong API just takes forever to send the score through or something like that, I have no clue how it works, haha :) Congrats though.
Play Big Runner Big Runner Jul. 14, 2011
Whoops, didn't think it'd let me set a high score in my own game, hah :) Anyway, I know 1500 can be beaten, and I'm pretty sure a really strategic player could break 2000 if they really planned out their run.