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Play Modern Tactics 4 Modern Tactics 4 Jan. 17, 2012
lauten u need to fix ur game zombie tactics please its really cool
Play Demo Bots Demo Bots Jan. 04, 2012
The grey screen could be the demo the full game would probably be a grey screen with a white box in the middle
Play Level: Inside Level: Inside Jan. 04, 2012
This could be a good game if it were'nt so slow
Play October 1st, 2001 October 1st, 2001 Jan. 04, 2012
I played this game 50 times but i still don't understand why it's called "october 1st 2001"
Play Test Test Jan. 04, 2012
good game but you need to add a highscore list or something
Developer response from Raze314

Done, you can see your game at High Score now. Next from Game.

Play Nameless Nameless Jan. 04, 2012
you could atleast put a little red arrow to tell you where you are supposed to go dedit8
Play Nameless Nameless Jan. 04, 2012
it's not meant to be impossible (is it?)
Developer response from dedit8

it's not, it's entirely possible

Play Chat and play Chat and play Jan. 04, 2012
I'm sorry but i cant play games involving bouncy black balls
Play Nameless Nameless Jan. 04, 2012
"suggestions and ideas"take off the ability to fly dont make us play the same level more than once and maybe i dont like black blocks maybe i want to change the color to green or something it would also be good to be able to customize your blocks like draw on them
Developer response from dedit8

it is based on an alien planet and you are a mighty alien, the last of your race........ or are you?

Play Nameless Nameless Jan. 04, 2012
I can tell this game was made in less than 24 hours
Play Pokémon Tower Defense Pokémon Tower Defense Jan. 04, 2012
Kongregate needs to do the right thing and ban the "creator" of this game because he didn't really create it he stole it It would be good to keep the game but not fair to the real creator because maybe he didn't want this game to go to Kongregate you never know what someone could hate
Play NY Time Square Escape NY Time Square Escape Jan. 04, 2012
Who would ever want to escape from new york? :p