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Play My First Flash Game - BlowdaFish Productions My First Flash Game - BlowdaFish Productions Feb. 19, 2012
A bold exploration of minimalism. Either that or its broken because I just see a black screen.
Play Toys Toys Feb. 19, 2012
Terrible. Controls don't even work correctly.
Developer response from DystralEuphorie


Play Castle Crusade v1.1 Castle Crusade v1.1 Feb. 03, 2012
Enjoyed the game very much but as a million others have pointed out the mechanics of the little woodcutter guy could use an overhaul.
Play Hordes of Hordes Hordes of Hordes Feb. 01, 2012
I really dig the game but not as much as I should. Having to play through wave after wave for an hour just to have enough supplies to upgrade one or two units is problematic. I feel like the game should open up but never does.
Play The Body The Body Jul. 16, 2011
So wait? Do you have to accept the blue wizard's quest or can you get to the shack with the shotgun without going through the goblin village with all the zombies in it?
Play Colourshift Colourshift Oct. 09, 2010
I play a lot of the games on this site, but the one I always come back to is this one. Really fun puzzle game with a lot of staying power.
Play The Trader of Stories The Trader of Stories Oct. 04, 2010
Enjoyable point and click. Some minor problems with the scrolling text. I'd also like the option of a mute button and if you try to make the drowning potion first it won't let you. Looking forward to the next installment.
Play Manufactoria Manufactoria May. 22, 2010
love the game. When concepts finally click it makes you feel like your brain can see through time. Here's a solution to officers ?lvl=13&code=c18:3f3;c18:4f3;c18:5f3;c18:6f3;c18:7f3;c18:8f3;c18:9f3;c18:11f3;c18:10f3;c18:12f3;c18:13f0;c17:13f0;c16:13f0;c15:13f0;c14:13f0;c13:13f0;c6:3f3;c6:4f3;c6:5f3;c6:7f3;c6:8f3;c6:9f3;c6:10f3;c6:11f3;c6:12f3;c6:13f2;c7:13f2;c8:13f2;c9:13f2;c10:13f2;c11:13f2;c6:6f3;c6:1f3;c6:2f3;c18:2f3;c7:3f0;c7:5f0;c7:7f2;i7:8f0;c7:9f1;c7:10f1;c8:3f0;b8:5f0;r8:6f3;i8:7f5;i8:8f1;c8:9f2;b8:10f0;c9:3f0;r9:4f2;q9:5f1;p9:6f5;c9:7f1;p9:8f4;c9:9f3;p9:10f7;c9:11f2;q10:3f1;p10:4f5;b10:5f1;r10:6f0;c10:8f0;g10:9f1;b10:10f0;c10:11f2;b11:5f2;b11:7f2;g11:8f0;b11:9f0;y11:10f1;i11:11f3;c11:12f1;p12:5f3;c12:6f2;p12:7f3;q12:8f1;b12:9f2;y12:10f2;q12:11f6;c12:12f0;c13:5f3;i13:6f5;r13:7f0;c13:8f0;p13:9f5;b13:10f1;b14:4f2;g14:5f1;q14:6f2;r14:9f0;r15:3f3;p15:4f6;q16:4f3;c17:4f2;g12:2f3;c11:3f3;c11:4f3;c13:3f3;c13:4f3;p12:3f3;