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Play The Last Stand: Union City The Last Stand: Union City May. 18, 2015
I felt so clever dressing up in the hazmat suit to sneak past people to get intel on HERC. But they saw right thought my disguise!.. I gues it was the battle axe that gave me away.
Play Bit Battles Bit Battles Oct. 31, 2013
The best way to fight, focus on one area at the time, dont bother if they get Close on one row. Spearhead attack, focus all your troup to breake trought to the enemy base., Apliable both on the map and single battle.
Play Splitter 2 Splitter 2 Aug. 11, 2013
I love how the objects just reform when reseting.
Play Billy the Pilot Billy the Pilot Aug. 11, 2013
This kid is an EVIL overlord, destroying the moon will disrupt the seasons and day/night cycle! The other kids are just realising his madness and trying to stop him! He is allso destroying important com-satelites, so no uprising can be organised agains him. Dont leet his innocent smile and apperance fool you, he is EVIL! Controlling both magic and tecnology, none can stop Him.
Play Dragon Boy Dragon Boy Aug. 02, 2013
When the dagon starts to have dubble the lifebar than my main hero, I starts to get worried that it will simply eat me.
Play Moonlight Differences Moonlight Differences Jul. 31, 2013
Never trust a stranger in the woods. especially if it isnt human. Poor wife and kid, left all alone bacause that nymf killed him.
Play Grey Grey Jul. 05, 2013
I dont agee with some of the comments, I belive it can allso be symbolism of someone givng all to a girl. Passion and love, care and trust, gifts and happiness. But all that dosent mather, if the other person dont give annything back, you will wither away untill nothing is left. It can I suppose be a smbol of her losing him, and geting over it, that too is a possible storry of it.
Play Haunt the House Haunt the House Jul. 05, 2013
I liked tha game, Its nice to give that ghost some friends! I noticed you had several carakters from the "mumin" in it. And if I am not mistaken, some audio aswell?
Play 300 miles to Pigsland 300 miles to Pigsland Jul. 03, 2013
Good game, I liked it. But I wonder if it was worth it in the ends for the pigs, All the sacrifice all for geting a new house made of brick, when they had one fine made of wood allready. The are in the end going to be butched annyway, Its kinda like a metaphor for real life, Pigs are just trown away just for the meat eating industry, I bet that brick building in the end is "the end" for those pigglets I would more understand why they risk their lifes to get to the end if they was motivated to get away, not just get to a new stable.
Play Zombies, Inc. Zombies, Inc. Jun. 18, 2013
I love the game, But I belive you did a bit wrong on the geografi, goule, the city you take ower in the country of sweden norway and finland, I dont know it, and I live n sweden, The capital of them are, oslo, Stockholm and Helsingfors. Great game annyway.!
Play Infectonator 2 Infectonator 2 Apr. 20, 2013
Isnt it rather odd that when people turn into Zombies theyr hair color might change?
Play Monster Bark Monster Bark Apr. 07, 2013
so when litle girl scream at ghost, it frezzes, but when she stops it just go back to sleep?
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Apr. 01, 2013
what? you can jump? I neever known that before half the game was finished. Why isnt it i the instruktions?
Play Super Duck Punch! Super Duck Punch! Mar. 31, 2013
Good game, Funy gameplay. But the only thing I miss is some hillarius story to why they are fighting.
Play Arzea Arzea Mar. 31, 2013
If he just somehow got teleported to this wierd world from his old home. how did he get the robe and hat? did he got it with him from the beginning?
Play Splitman 2 Splitman 2 Mar. 20, 2013
lol. I just, realised( at the end of the game and almost all keycards) that those big electric fields dont kill! they just block my way.
Play Fear Less! Fear Less! Mar. 09, 2013
hm. is seems like the dream is a representation of her fear. death, wolves and foxes, fire, being alone in the forest, bones and grave stones. And poisinus mushrooms. And bunnies aparently!
Play Transmorpher Transmorpher Feb. 09, 2013
Hmm, the same eye, the same skin. Is the creature on the picture the mother of the main caracter? Good game-
Play Ninja and Blind Girl Ninja and Blind Girl Feb. 09, 2013
Ha ha, I know it. Just was I was thinking, the end I was kinda expecting,
Play Ninja and Blind Girl Ninja and Blind Girl Feb. 09, 2013
There is something odd about that girl. She got powerfull telepatic abilites and healing, She allso controll 3 killer ninjas, meaby she uses mindkontroll on them and the other only trying to stop her from taking over the world! If they wait untill she gets older she will be more powerfull and will rule the world!