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Play bit Dungeon bit Dungeon Oct. 12, 2012
So... If you die with a soul on level 8 you return on level 3? What is up with that? Or does it only save if you take an element, cuz that would be kind of lame that it costs you some floors if you don't want a certain element.
Play DJManiax DJManiax Jan. 22, 2011
Sometimes when 2 notes of the same height are to be played after each other, it takes the 2nd one first... please fix
Play GrindQuest Beta GrindQuest Beta Jun. 19, 2010
Is it me or do the wand and staff not only share the same slot, but the staff has way more intellect with no other difference :/ So are wands a complete rip-off or is there some hidden difference to balance it out?
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 31, 2010
Fix the upgrade system... either put a + / - system so u don't have to start over every time and make sure it doesn't take over a second to spend a single point...
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 26, 2010
The tool tips on the slow towers sais that, once u upgraded them a bit, they will slow LESS if u upgrade them...? Think that needs fixing :P
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 26, 2010
The sending 2 waves at once is not with the button, it's a bug/glitch that if you kill the starter mobs too fast, it auto-sends the next wave... I just got 3 waves at once this way... please look into it, ty
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 26, 2010
And an idea for new towers would be boost towers(towers which e.g. increase range or dmg)
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 26, 2010
Oh and you should really fix the gold you get for sending in the next wave, sometimes I don't get a single coin... and also it sometimes sends 2 waves at once when I am 100% sure that I only clicked once!
Play Wyzau Circle TD Wyzau Circle TD Jan. 26, 2010
Really nice game, difficulty increases strongly with the levels though, could also use hotkeys for each tower but overall a great game! ^^
Play Level Editor Level Editor Nov. 15, 2009
about the up button not working to all people who have azerty and use WASD the W and A are different, pressing alt + shift switches your keyboard language. So if you put 1 azerty and 1 qwerty in it, you can easily switch by hitting those 2 keys together ;) Hope u can put it to good use Gz MiCHiE
Play Level Editor Level Editor Nov. 14, 2009
All-Time username score 1 MiCHiE 3,311 Congratulations! You hold the top score! ^^
Play The Gun Game The Gun Game Oct. 24, 2009
ok 98k times fired for the Kar 98k is just a tad bit too imba xD and u should make the speed challenge possible without having to complete that challenge first (at least I think what's required... maybe some evul trick or glitch or so?) Leaving the 98k for psycho's and letting it be a great reward, sure but at least make the speed-challenge possible ;) Ty
Play The World's Hardest Game The World's Hardest Game Nov. 16, 2008
Needs an impossible