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Play Real Estate Mogul Real Estate Mogul Jul. 06, 2015
Better question: What is the point of retirement? Just for multiplying money and getting awards? Nothing changes except my income and a few notifications about a new award has arrived.
Play Doodle God Blitz Doodle God Blitz May. 29, 2015
I laughed my ass off for creating 3 gold. No, i don't want to spoiler, but I'm sure, you'll get it.
Play April Fools 2015 Learn to Fly 3 April Fools 2015 Learn to Fly 3 Apr. 01, 2015
Ok, now you own us part 3 for that... Hate 1st of April so much...
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Mar. 25, 2015
@sysoletin: The magic word is named "Shield". Every boss has one and so you need more time to take him down.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Mar. 25, 2015
Short hint to farm gold: Needs time, but you get results very fast. It doesn't make sense to beat bosses if you can, because you also need time to beat the next levels. So your progress is slow. Go back one stage and farm. Go offline, make other things between. Now level up until each block is destroyed really fast & go offline again. Win. Reason: You gain more money by beating blocks really fast than needing many seconds to destroy them to the next boss.
Play Time Clickers Time Clickers Mar. 21, 2015
The upgrades for the pistol shouldn't stop at level 125. If you've most of your team at "Sepcialist", manually clicking is kinda useless :). Maybe a tiny update for it?
Play (BETA) AdVenture Capitalist (BETA) AdVenture Capitalist Mar. 20, 2015
Swag? Seriously? Dislike this word so much...
Play Forge of Gods Forge of Gods Mar. 04, 2015
Could have been a nice game, but the developer decided to make a Facebook-game. Adblocked now.
Developer response from ChernomorAS

Energy problem was fixed. You can get unlimited energy, you just need to complete levels without casualties. But even if you fail to beat theme, you can gather reward for simple quests, that gives you free energy. Also you have a lot more maximum capacity so you can test more tactics and lose much more energy on it. Test new gameplay and have fun!

Play Hungry Hedgehog Hungry Hedgehog Jan. 19, 2015
Stolen: http://www.kongregate.com/de/games/NecroColombina/hungry-hedg
Play Super Idle Master Super Idle Master Jan. 11, 2015
LVL 27 for me to get into LVL70-Rock-Zone.
Developer response from lavaflame2

Are you sure it still lets you?

Play Gladiator - True Story Gladiator - True Story Jan. 10, 2015
Was at Miniclip today and the announced a "brand new" game: This one. Thought, I'll play it one more time but then.... Something was changed: They censored it! No blood! No dismemberments! No suicide attackers... What a shame. Good to have the uncensored one here.
Play RobotPet RobotPet Dec. 04, 2014
The Daily Spin should only have rare items, since it's really expensive & need time.
Play Clicker monsters Clicker monsters Nov. 11, 2014
Was ok until I bought the last weapon. Then it's only repetitive. No hate, but true.
Play Spore Spore Aug. 13, 2014
May I ask you for a download of the background-music? Maybe under CC? I'd only use it for myself & private, because I collect calming down music. And this fits really well. I managed to extract the ogg & fix the header of the file, but 64kbps is also for OGG a bit low. Any chance? Maybe also with some bucks?
Play Idle Web Tycoon Idle Web Tycoon Jul. 16, 2014
Just for your amusement: "One Mind" should be renamed to "Never Mind". Why? Because if you can afford it, you have money enough and will never mind anything else anymore;).
Play Dream Hopper Dream Hopper Jul. 04, 2014
I agree with Tecnoturc: This simply cries for a continuation. Well, yes: I am one of those people, needed to remap Z to Y with a 3rd party application, because of QWERTZ. But doesn't really matter. Maybe an option for configuring the keys or simply switching to ASDF would really help people with QWERTZ-keyboards. Thanks in advance :). Last but not least: Thanks for this wonderful piece of art. Loved it from the beginning to the end.
Play Up in the Sky Up in the Sky Jun. 28, 2014
Using the helmet to protect from other birds and press pause, the timer won't stop. So if you're continuing, the timer is at zero.
Play Idle Food Factory Idle Food Factory Apr. 21, 2014
If you're stuck at the loading screen, add following to your Adblock Plus filterlist: gamezilla.biz###loading
Play IdleHero IdleHero Apr. 19, 2014
Hm... best accessory I got was at around level 800 - Dangerous Topaz ring of living +8 + 444 hitpoints + 407% increased attackspeed - now I am at 2800 and never got something better. Maybe I was really lucky, but also I think, there should be better accessory, shouldn't it?
Developer response from niastras

right now items, exspecially accessois, do scale to much dependent on bonus (the + 8 thing) rather then on level. i am working on something to make higher level items more worthwhile

Play MegaCorporation MegaCorporation Apr. 12, 2014
The background-art isn't yours. It's just a shame, you took it from NASC for this piece of nothing (Title: Make and Love Pixel Art). Did you even ask him? I doubt it. Second: To say that this is maybe a work in progress, is fairly said "not true". 250 lines of js-code isn't really much - and there are fairly no arrays. Third: The Industry is the last part and brings less than the jewelery? Really? Fourth: There is exactly 1 (one) booster: TV-Ads for 60 seconds to boost the income to +50%. Wow... Sorry, but this wasn't anything. Better take it offline and rework / spend some time on it.
Developer response from tathtat

I've spent a few hours, and I know there are huge problems. This is only a test for a better game in the future, thank for your help, I'll take your advices into account. P.S.: There are two boosts ;D