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Dec. 11, 2010

Rating: 4

Was going to add some constructive criticism till I saw there was a noidzor 2. If everything is fixed that was wrong in this game (Just little nit-pickings) 2 will be a classic of a game. Really loved this bar a few little bugs. Really quite fun.

Space Junk

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Dec. 11, 2010

Rating: 4

I have a feeling that the Rocket looking like the titular 'Space Junk' is no coincidence


Play endeavor

Dec. 11, 2010

Rating: 0

No achievement for the different endings? :(

Neverending Light

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Dec. 09, 2010

Rating: 1464

Really enjoyed it, and althoguh it seems crazy, no-one seems to have commented on the incredible production values that went into this. FULL voice acting? Fantastic animation? Attention to detail (For example, Anabel writhing slightly as she goes to get up after being knocked down. TOP NOTCH!) Really liked it, can't wait for part 2

When The Bomb Goes Off

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Dec. 09, 2010

Rating: 0

The real question is why would anyone want to drink a Pabst Blue Ribbon as the last thing they do?

I Love You 2

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Dec. 09, 2010

Rating: 4

I didn't bother to finish it because of the second lot of those funking pink things.


Play Sieger

Dec. 08, 2010

Rating: 1

Haha, Antwerp fell without a single shot. Brilliant victory indeed.

Air Pressure

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Nov. 16, 2010

Rating: 2

Every part of this lovely little game comes together perfectly, from the dialogue to the music to the effects. I love it, and it easily earns its 5/5

Ancient Origins{flying fish}

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Sep. 02, 2010

Rating: 0

There's a lot of people ragging on this but it isn't so bad. 3/5 is not a bad game, just average. Flying is powerful enough to get you over the gaps that you need to get over, but the anoying part is you can't see far enough ahead to plan for it, and for the most part you are (excuse the pun) flying blind. Perfect example is the Up & Down level, where you can't see ahead far enough to doge the down arrows, it got really frustrating really fast. Fun enough concept, the graphics aren't that bad, and the music was fun and upbeat. 3/5 though.

Don't Touch the Tangerine

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Sep. 02, 2010

Rating: 5

Impossible: Don't Touch the Tangerine Badge (60 points - 0 awarded) Don't touch the tangerine in Classic Mode. Ever.

The Company of Myself

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Sep. 02, 2010

Rating: -4

I liked it better than braid really


Play Enigmata

Aug. 31, 2010

Rating: 7

5/5 without a second thought. Beautifully presented shooter. At the end game the worst enemies were low-level powerups! Haha :D


Play Icycle

Aug. 30, 2010

Rating: 1

Wonderful game, fantastic art, great level design and original to boot. I'd give it 6/5 if I could

This is the Only Level TOO

Play This is the Only Level TOO

Aug. 27, 2010

Rating: 1

How the hell do you beat stage 31??!?!?!? Walk down and to the right in the menu and you get to it. CHRIST ALIVE