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Play Dojo of Death Dojo of Death Jan. 18, 2014
Who feed Yasuo?
Play Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Color Link-a-Pix Light Vol 2 Aug. 26, 2013
Impossible Badge-Realize what is it before completing puzzle (any level)
Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral Aug. 24, 2013
1. U will be very weak to attack other towns at start of game. Capture town of Cancun first. U will be able to trade. (look at the good price!) 2. Buy cog!!! U will be able to attack and sink other ships and u will have more cargo for trade. Dont forget to upgrade your ships before attacking town of Pinar. 3. Study war ships. (they are on right side in change ship room) 4. When u captureing towns capture first towns on islands then on South America. 5. To defeat Dutchman (Ghost ship) u will nead 3 Ships of line with upgrade Damage and Hull. (Dont nead to upgrade Cargo) And u will nead to capture all towns (Then u will see him in map) Arrrrr!!!
Play Badge Master Badge Master Jun. 27, 2012
What is largest lvl?