Minamikaze's Comments

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Play Heroes of the Realm Heroes of the Realm Dec. 12, 2013
Knight... with low physical defence? Swordsmen blocking cavalry charge? That's new.
Play Mechanical Commando Mechanical Commando Nov. 28, 2013
So boring and tedious...
Play Battalion Commander Battalion Commander Aug. 25, 2013
The saddest excuse for a minigun I've ever encountered. Seriously, this thing isn't worth a tenth of its cost.
Play Magic Defender Magic Defender Jul. 04, 2013
One of the most uncreative TDs out there. The upgrades are all similar - lower build cost > lower upgrade cost > unique skill > upgraded unique skill. Very *amusing*.
Play Token Hero Token Hero Jul. 04, 2013
Why can't I use weapons on bosses and skeleton keys on *boss* locks? That's pretty unfair given the boss destroying 50+ armour on each hit.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent May. 19, 2013
Why have you written all these flavour texts on boss fights? Just to have laugh or to demonstrate thate one who was responsible for them had a real problem with crack? Septa Eleanor burns 332 altars? 224 altars? 115 altars? I have to ask: do you really know what altar is - and how many of them may be in ONE sept, however heretical it is? And other texts are just as stupid. Over 2k boxes of spices in one warehouse. Go figure.
Developer response from DisruptorBeam

We have noticed these numbers detract from the realism. The numbers represent "HP" not what is supposed to actually be happening, as you've noticed. The design team has it on their list of feature improvements they plan to work on in priority order with other in-game upgrades over time. Thanks for the comment, we appreciate your passion for the game!

Play Caribbean Admiral Caribbean Admiral May. 09, 2013
Are you kidding me? Clipper (who didn't carry guns at all - they would only slow her down) have half the firepower of Ship of the Line (no less than 150 cannons)? Pinnace (15-20 cannons) is actually BETTER than Galleon (up to 300 cannons)? I do understand that this is just a game - but was it so frigging hard to at least study the types of ships - and their names spelling? And your Potoprens (is it Port-au-Prince?) almost drives me mad. You don't have to pay for using real cities and ships names, you know. These are not modern cars or weapons. Very lousy work.
Play Penguin Overlords Penguin Overlords May. 08, 2013
Come on! If you insist on manual collecting of money items, at the very least they shouldn't decay over time! That's bullshit.
Play Game of Thrones Ascent Game of Thrones Ascent Apr. 27, 2013
"What do you know about the family Snow?" Double facepalm. And it was you developers who've added the common bastard *surname* in the random list. Have you even read the book? Shame on you.
Play My Pet Protector 3 My Pet Protector 3 Mar. 31, 2013
For a game with the time limit anything here goes too damm slow. And the absence of scill increase via usage (except working) doesn't help at all. And materials are way too scarse.
Play Odin Quest Odin Quest Mar. 16, 2013
Yay, combat lingeries again. Can anyone draw clothed woman these days?
Play Decision 2 Decision 2 Feb. 08, 2013
Zombies who came through the border in defence mission and died afterwards shouldn't be counted as missed. They are dead, so who cares if they died near the tower or far away from it?
Play Dragon's Call II - Beginning of the End Dragon's Call II - Beginning of the End Feb. 08, 2013
Now go to the forest to kill... herbal collection? Just die, please.
Play Rawr Rawr Dec. 07, 2012
My monster used Wall of fire (-100% dodge for enemy) and enemy somehow dodged it. There were no stupid concentration QTE in that round, so my chances to hit weren't modified. Looks like a bug to me.
Play Earn to Die 2012 Earn to Die 2012 Nov. 28, 2012
There is absolutely no point shooting forward: my ram handles zombies pretty well. I wish I could turn gun backwards... But still, I've completed this game even without bying all the upgrades. So I don't mind.
Play Kid Launcher Kid Launcher Nov. 21, 2012
And one little thing still nagging me. All the things in this world are volatile: balloons, birds, people, hotdog stands... But missiles and lawnmovers AREN'T. It seems to me that petrol and powder are harmless next to blood and feathers in terms of explosions...
Play Kid Launcher Kid Launcher Nov. 21, 2012
I'd rather help the bear. This kid pisses me off too.
Play Pirateers Pirateers Nov. 20, 2012
No boarding? A ring that weights 164kg? Same reload for ram and cannons? Truly, I'm speechless.
Play Hordes and Lords Hordes and Lords Nov. 10, 2012
Names of the locations on the map would be much appreciated. At least for these money-badges for those who already comlpeted the game. It's quite obvious that the gradon map is the best for money making - but I couldn't remember where exactly it was.
Play Legacy of a Thousand Suns Legacy of a Thousand Suns Nov. 09, 2012
A Dawn of the Dragons in the space. You've even got rid of Perception. Just wonderful. How come this... thing got badges?