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20 year old girl, Virgo. Lawful Good/Neutral/Evil depending on my mood. Asperger’s. Ravenclaw. Liberal, but flexible. Die-hard Naruto fan. Suck it.

Crinkle: and what is it you think is cool about Quakers?
MissMarionette: Well, for one thing, their overall church is called “The Religious Society of Friends”.
Dalnathos: thats awesome ^
MissMarionette: Sounds like a superhero group, doesn’t it? Moses, Muhammed, Buddha, Jesus!

Ray_Eeyore: you have to afford free things?
Ray_Eeyore: what kind of parrallel universe are you from?
Darken_Spiritz: Apparently
Ray_Eeyore: it sounds awdul
MissMarionette: You cant get free shit willy nilly!
Reznov65: no just you mister baable
Ray_Eeyore: i bet you don’t even have oreos

Elcarim: To is or not to is.
Elcarim: Shakesbear.

KayNer: i am a bad cock and i suggest: look
MissMarionette: Okay, I’ll do 5 minutes since a Youtube .. BAD COCK! XD
Crinkle: epic typo
MissMarionette: You’re a rooster, Kayner?
KayNer: jep, i am that two

negative13: john cougar concentration camp
MissMarionette: Sometimes though, everything backs up and I cry more because I can’t help but cry for myself, but I try to push it deep, deep down, like where my kidneys are.
jess241: Frankly, that’s not exactly healthy to do most of the time.
Ivysir: Yeah, peeing sadness isn’t good.
MissMarionette: I hate average people. It’s so hard to pick them out of a line up
shyataroo: no its not just look for the most normal person there.
DrakeVonDragon: But they all look like the most normal person.
shyataroo: then pick one at random.
ZeriaBunny: ..
shyataroo: eninee meenie miney mo, which one will get raped fo’sho
shyataroo: (in jail)

shyataroo: Crinkle, you’re like a Ray of golden sunshine that falls upon the gloomyness of this chatroom, for it is your presence that electrifies the chat
MissMarionette: Oh my God shy, I just choked on that BS.

TheAbnegation: I get the feeling everyone else has run away or something. .
shyataroo: I did run away
shyataroo: I ran so far away
shyataroo: I just ran
shyataroo: I ran all night and day
shyataroo: …couldn’t get away
Roewin: Forrest Gumped it?

Roewin: A flock of fanciful seagulls saw succubus sushi.

SanctumRepublic: Why the **** is Amanda Todd so damn famous?
MissMarionette: Whom?

MissMarionette: I don’t like labels. That being said, refer to my profile of labels.

Roewin: I liked my reason better…
MissMarionette: Well it wasn’t up to snuff then .
Roewin: Who are ye to say what is snuff ‘nough?!

phenomforever: Clearly you’ve never seen Law and order KFC

aphexacid: I’m so jelly x.x
shyataroo: I’ma call you smuckers

MissMarionette: Women are such newts sometimes :3
VoidDragon777: I personally think they’re more like lizards.
VoidDragon777: Cuz lizard.
MissMarionette: With double eyelids and propensity for venom?
VoidDragon777: That too.

VoidDragon777: Splodes into cactus shaped glitter
aphexacid: if only
Crinkle: brandishes Anti-RP Amulet
VoidDragon777: How contradictory.

DrakeVonDragon: I was late, because it’s you I hate ~A poem, for Marionette’s teacher.

MissMarionette: Woof
shyataroo: i know that noise.
shyataroo: MArionette are you trying to be a pigeon

aphexacid: Irish people think I sound kiwi, kiwis think I sound Irish.

Crinkle: it’s a pineapple drawn in ms paint ..
MissMarionette: Therefore worth clicking on, Crinkle
MissMarionette: that’s how i look irl
KayNer: its my spirit animal back when it still lived…

sotlat: waves
Crinkle: shrimps
aphexacid: sands
shyataroo: rocks
shyataroo: quick seagull!
majora4: rolls
MissMarionette: buns

DrakeVonDragon: But cuttlefishies be cuterfishies.
DrakeVonDragon: I could go as far as to say cutestfishies.
KayNer: MM, you are someone swinging a hammer twice her size and enjoying it but meaning no real harm

MissMarionette: Can’t buy me loooove, oh. No no no, yeeeah
TheDarknessBelow: But you can buy a Potato
TheDarknessBelow: ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

DrakeVonDragon: Yer a wizard Mari.
MissMarionette: I’m a wut? .
DrakeVonDragon: A mother****in’ wizard.
DrakeVonDragon: And a graet wun, prolly.
MissMarionette: I .. can’t be a wizard. I’m just Mari. Miss Mari :o
DrakeVonDragon: Well, “Miss Mari”, has it ever happened that you walk by and a ****ing cat explodes without warning?
MissMarionette: Oh my God just last week. His toots stunk up the whole house. How did you know!
DrakeVonDragon: You’re a wizard, Mari.
MissMarionette: Oh. Em. ****ING. Gee

planken: thats why poland can not into space

Verac12: back that assonance up
MissMarionette: When you think about it, sting rays are sea pancakes
tim10661983: OBJECTION! stingrays can kill people, pancakes can’t

TheLancasters: Who knows how much it will cost a hot dog at Washington in 10 years?

MissMarionette: In other news, my head hurts, which either means I have cancer or I didn’t drink enough water
majora4: Why not both?

aphexacid: I stayed in a hostel once where you had to put the sheets on yourself, that was the best
Crinkle: lol, like in prison
MissMarionette: (Flexes calves)
Crinkle: omg leave those baby cows alone

DrakeVonDragon: Are you insinuating the two Jacks are a single Jack that may or may not be in the box?
tim10661983: quite
DrakeVonDragon: Amazing.

MissMarionette: I have like 12 tabs open and 7 of them are smut manga. Let me just organize them…and…
bogey654: I heard smut manga
Crinkle: yes you did, and there it went, into the past. moving on!

aphexacid: I, for one, welcome our new comboverlord

Crinkle: that’s really not viable, as opening the jar to prove it’s actually fart-filled would ruin your jar o’ farts. you really need something more tangible of ol’ george’s

fmoo: every time I drive through SF, I want to kill myself

MissMarionette: Don’t try to rationalize stupidity
Crinkle: ^
MissMarionette: Dat’s muh job
Crinkle: ^

majora4: I’m going to make a gang called “East Side Trousers.” Our gang sign is wearing pants. Your move, schoolboard.
TOONGAV: some reason why you are coming out with an arbitrary fact?
aphexacid: have you met mario?
TOONGAV: not in person but seen the same old questions asked
aphexacid: there you go
TOONGAV: still doesn’t answer the quesion
Crinkle: except it really did

Crinkle: you didn’t EVEN SAY HI TO ME and you want me to less than three you? I. THINK. NOT.

aphexacid: yeah it’s all about the backing vocal
MissMarionette: (Backing vocal)
Crinkle: ^ lulz

sotlat: my good friend shy! i’ve missed your sweet pleasantries so!
shyataroo: Your soul crushing sarcasm hurts.

Crinkle: Vote for Hans, HE QUILL WIN!
aphexacid: heheh nice one
aphexacid: hedgehog your bets

aphexacid: with great power comes great moustache

standardstaples: my cat is female and she is also retarded. coincidence? i think not
Crinkle: is she gone yet, so we can talk about her?
Crinkle: i mean oops

MissMarionette: Don’t you ever enjoy that feeling when a frog jumps out of your palm? Imagine that feeling with cat paws
MissMarionette: Soft, padded paws
Crinkle: that’s not how it works, Mari
Crinkle: that’s not how any of this works

Falldayo: So we’re in agreement then. Matty is a a terrible person who thinks beating women is okay.

VoidDragon777: Mr Mangoats was a well respected member of the community/

MissMarionette: Crinkle, your fried eggs look like shit. They don’t deserve to see the light of day

MissMarionette: Holy ****, my little sister is like, a ****ing prima donna
VoidDragon777: Kill it before it learns how to demand Iphones by the dozen.

MilesWright: i hate french food
MilesWright: they give me the crepes
Crinkle: wait, wait, omelette you finish
aphexacid: I’m in pain au chocolat from these puns

magikilla96792: maybe he was high the entire movie
Crinkle: maybe you were high the entire movie
magikilla96792: Maybe I was.

majora4: What? I’ll have you know that statement was offensive! Trips and falls down 5 flights of stairs

MissMarionette: Pesci’s not tall enough to be ****ing Kim Jong Il

Nimbuses: we’re from the school, school of hard knocks
Nimbuses: moshes

k218: shes a strong independent squirrel
aspyderwebb: bigggg sniffff

PenguinArmy: make america grope again

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