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    I can see Canada from my window, practically (USA)
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Newts! :3

19 year old girl, Virgo. Lawful Neutral. INTJ. Asperger’s. Ravenclaw. Liberal, but flexible. Die-hard Naruto fan. Suck it. I can be random and silly or very sardonic and sarcastic in chatrooms. Depends on 1) The time of day and 2) If my family has bugged me enough prior to logging on.

“You can change clothes anywhere. You can only piss in one place.” – Me (My argument over who should use the bathroom first, me who had to piss or my mother’s friend who had to change into a new pair of jeans)

“It’s okay to hate, just keep it polite and civil.” – Me

Crinkle: and what is it you think is cool about Quakers?
MissMarionette: Well, for one thing, their overall church is called “The Religious Society of Friends”.
Dalnathos: thats awesome ^
MissMarionette: Sounds like a superhero group, doesn’t it? Moses, Muhammed, Buddha, Jesus!

Ray_Eeyore: you have to afford free things?
Ray_Eeyore: what kind of parrallel universe are you from?
Darken_Spiritz: Apparently
Ray_Eeyore: it sounds awdul
MissMarionette: You cant get free shit willy nilly!
Reznov65: no just you mister baable
Ray_Eeyore: i bet you don’t even have oreos

Elcarim: To is or not to is.
Elcarim: Shakesbear.

KayNer: i am a bad cock and i suggest: look
MissMarionette: Okay, I’ll do 5 minutes since a Youtube .. BAD COCK! XD
Crinkle: epic typo
MissMarionette: You’re a rooster, Kayner?
KayNer: jep, i am that two

negative13: john cougar concentration camp
MissMarionette: Sometimes though, everything backs up and I cry more because I can’t help but cry for myself, but I try to push it deep, deep down, like where my kidneys are.
jess241: Frankly, that’s not exactly healthy to do most of the time.
Ivysir: Yeah, peeing sadness isn’t good.
MissMarionette: I hate average people. It’s so hard to pick them out of a line up
shyataroo: no its not just look for the most normal person there.
DrakeVonDragon: But they all look like the most normal person.
shyataroo: then pick one at random.
ZeriaBunny: ..
shyataroo: eninee meenie miney mo, which one will get raped fo’sho
shyataroo: (in jail)

shyataroo: Crinkle, you’re like a Ray of golden sunshine that falls upon the gloomyness of this chatroom, for it is your presence that electrifies the chat
MissMarionette: Oh my God shy, I just choked on that BS.

TheAbnegation: I get the feeling everyone else has run away or something. .
shyataroo: I did run away
shyataroo: I ran so far away
shyataroo: I just ran
shyataroo: I ran all night and day
shyataroo: …couldn’t get away
Roewin: Forrest Gumped it?

Roewin: A flock of fanciful seagulls saw succubus sushi.

SanctumRepublic: Why the **** is Amanda Todd so damn famous?
MissMarionette: Whom?

MissMarionette: I don’t like labels. That being said, refer to my profile of labels.

Roewin: I liked my reason better…
MissMarionette: Well it wasn’t up to snuff then .
Roewin: Who are ye to say what is snuff ‘nough?!

phenomforever: Clearly you’ve never seen Law and order KFC

aphexacid: I’m so jelly x.x
shyataroo: I’ma call you smuckers

MissMarionette: Women are such newts sometimes :3
VoidDragon777: I personally think they’re more like lizards.
VoidDragon777: Cuz lizard.
MissMarionette: With double eyelids and propensity for venom?
VoidDragon777: That too.

VoidDragon777: Splodes into cactus shaped glitter
aphexacid: if only
Crinkle: brandishes Anti-RP Amulet
VoidDragon777: How contradictory.

DrakeVonDragon: I was late, because it’s you I hate ~A poem, for Marionette’s teacher.

MissMarionette: Woof
shyataroo: i know that noise.
shyataroo: MArionette are you trying to be a pigeon

aphexacid: Irish people think I sound kiwi, kiwis think I sound Irish.

Crinkle: it’s a pineapple drawn in ms paint ._.
MissMarionette: Therefore worth clicking on, Crinkle
MissMarionette: that’s how i look irl
KayNer: its my spirit animal back when it still lived…

sotlat: waves
Crinkle: shrimps
aphexacid: sands
shyataroo: rocks
shyataroo: quick seagull!
majora4: rolls
MissMarionette: buns

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