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Play Eating Apples Eating Apples Jun. 05, 2008
Reminds me of Poppit, I love it!
Play Tarnation Tarnation Mar. 17, 2008
Played only for the card. Will play for the rest of the badges when you put in a restart and mute button. 1/5 til those things are added.
Play The1WizQuiz! The1WizQuiz! Jan. 07, 2008
This game is superb, pure genious!!!!!!!!!!
Play Mistress's Big b-day Mistress's Big b-day Dec. 16, 2007
Best game ever, thank you so much!!! I love the music and the zombie run!! PS (that's not really me and my baby) ;P
Play Smigpong! Smigpong! Nov. 28, 2007
This is the greatest game in the world. 5/5