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I love gaming and rabbits, cheesecake and cute things! I originally began Kongregate as MlleBunneh but here’s more about myself if you’re curious. Since then I’ve posted a few threads about bunnehs!

The Official Guide to Bunnehs (1k post on Mlle)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: Folklore, Myths, Literature (1k post on Mme)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: Fashion! (1 Year Anniversary)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: Hobbies (2 Year Anniversary)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: To be a Bun or not to be (2k post on Mme and April Fools Joke 2014)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: Moving! (3k post on Mme)
The Official Guide to Bunnehs: How to Cook for Humans (4k post on Mme)
BunMobile Adventures
Bunneh Day (Easter 2013)
Bunneh Day, aka Bunday (Easter 2014)
Coming Out Heterosexual (April Fool’s Joke 2013)
Kingdom of Bunnehs (Art Stuff)
Kongbitrary Day (2014)
The OT Birthday Thread
The Official Guide to AP Exams (2014)

LiraelI drew a fabulous portrait of me! Ask her to do your own!

Some of my favourite quotes or poems:

Piccolo_Junior: why the **** does ihop close here?
[Redacted for safer audiences]
Ayrus: then I have no idea why it would close
Piccolo_Junior: because obama
MmeBunneh: That… quote tho.
MmeBunneh: Also I thought IHOPs were 24/7.
Demon_Scanty: so did we
Ayrus: most are
twelvedoors: in civilized regions
Ayrus: there’s a Subway near here that is 24/7
Ayrus: which sorta creeps me out
twelvedoors: what if you want a sub at three a.m.?
MmeBunneh: That’s beautiful.
Piccolo_Junior: dat flatizza adiction
Atheistman: I need a 24/7 subway

[Redacted several parts for safer audiences as I enter the room to weird conversations]
MmeBunneh: Hi :>… so, I learned that noodles and blue cheese go horrible together.
twelvedoors: i never would have guessed
Demon_Moose: uh… yeah sounds terrible
MmeBunneh: Sob.
MmeBunneh: Third day of being sick, was desperate to taste something.
CrustyCrabz: eeek, bad choice
CrustyCrabz: well, i take that back
CrustyCrabz: if doing mac, mixing with a couple other cheeses can make bleu taste great
MmeBunneh: Really? I’ll take note of that next time haha.
CrustyCrabz: you need to tame it a little bit, i usually use white cheddar and parm
Atheistman: cheese what
CrustyCrabz: yur mom
MmeBunneh: Wah, CC you’re glorious, thanks.

MmeBunneh: Oh. My. Gawd.
twelvedoors: you can also mute the volume beep by holding shift
MmeBunneh: Can I marry you in a ceremony with a lot of fluffy buns hopping around everywhere now then divorce you an hour later.
twelvedoors: haha sounds like a plan
twelvedoors: i hope you’re rich

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