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Play Zombo Buster Zombo Buster Sep. 16, 2013
im stuck at level 5 wave 8/8 finished the zombies but nithing happens, game engine is still working
Play Grand Prix Go 2 Grand Prix Go 2 Sep. 06, 2013
made top-10!!!
Play Grand Prix Go 2 Grand Prix Go 2 Sep. 06, 2013
make this an online multiplayer!!
Play Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Pre-Civilization: Stone Age Sep. 06, 2013
i dont like the tech-religion connection... other than that it's a good game
Play Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM Aug. 29, 2013
this is not a challenge, u just want more money
Play Freefall Tournament Freefall Tournament Nov. 05, 2012
how long tanbirkan is going to stay online?
Developer response from freerangegames

Until server resets. It's a glitch.

Play Vorp! Vorp! Oct. 25, 2012
great idea hiding the opponents' names.. -.- really? you just lost me! I wont play this anymore.
Play Vorp! Vorp! Oct. 17, 2012
fix the point of view! playing as the gold-yellow side is much much easier as they can see the battlefield on a better angle!
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 07, 2012
Play Into Space 2 Into Space 2 Oct. 07, 2012
Play Vorp! Vorp! Oct. 07, 2012
if you finish a match while chatting, you will have to reload.. great! and please find a way to punish quitters and give some props to those who don't!!
Play Race The Sun Race The Sun Sep. 21, 2012
a Tris counter please!
Play Super Fishing Super Fishing Jul. 16, 2012
how large is a large shark?
Play Legacy of a Thousand Suns Legacy of a Thousand Suns May. 03, 2012
when i level up i imediately get killed in gdome... nive revamp
Play Awesome Planes Awesome Planes Apr. 21, 2012
you should make a mode like survival where you can choose your oponents for example only airplanes... and maybe an online pvp...
Play Awesome Planes Awesome Planes Apr. 19, 2012
Play CS Portable Beta CS Portable Beta Feb. 23, 2012
bug reporting v2... thanks for these: toystorywar->fixed, 3rd person reload and graphics->fixed, new bugs: frequently what u see is out of focus and cant see far, if u stand behind an obstacle in 3rd person the crosshair doesn't stay at the center of the screen and THAT is unplayable my friend... whats with the original de_dust? is there a copyright problem? the CS Portable version was great for me if u could fix the reload in 3rd person, for fullscreen go here-> PS1 keep it up! PS2 sorry for blabbering :P
Play CS Portable Beta CS Portable Beta Feb. 12, 2012
some bug reporting... -the targeting system in 3rd person is off -if you begin a round in 3rd person you can only see your rifle (your body is transparent) -PLEASE bring back de_dust and toystorywar!!! anyway the graphics are great dude :)
Play CS Portable CS Portable Feb. 01, 2012
I can't reload in 3rd person and I don't know how to change weapons.
Developer response from CriticalForceEt

thanks, i will fix reload in next version

Play CS Portable CS Portable Jan. 30, 2012
toystory and toystorywar is the same now... fix it please!