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Monsters' Den Chronicles

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Oct. 09, 2012

Rating: 0

When is a good time to use a Spark of Legend? should you wait until you're at higher levels and found a powerful item, or start the game with an original weapon and have it level with him/her?

Strike Force Heroes

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Oct. 05, 2012

Rating: 5

Why is this NOT Multiplayer!? Maybe add some customizable parts, like different arms, legs and heads. Easy 4/5, I'd give a 5/5 with Multiplayer...

Red Crucible 2

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Oct. 03, 2012

Rating: 2

Ya, customizable classes; with permanent weapons and some gear and this is easily one of Kong's greats.

Freefall Tournament

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Oct. 03, 2012

Rating: 2

every time i press play it just shows me the menu screen and freezes.... :*( i wanna play...