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Play Tentacle Wars. The Purple Menace Tentacle Wars. The Purple Menace Apr. 17, 2014
Level 10 is only difficult if you haven't been paying attention. Use cuts on long tentacles. It's still a little tricky to get the timing right, but it's really not *that* difficult.
Play Little Stars for Little Wars Little Stars for Little Wars Apr. 15, 2014
Played this through several times over the years coz I *love* it. One of the best ever 'cell' games. This time I forgot I had headphones on and actually heard the music. Pretty good and definitely worth a listen if you haven't heard it. Still, and forever, 5/5
Should go into a fight off with
Play Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Super Mega Ultra Battle Robot 2.0 Apr. 15, 2014
NO BOBBLEHEADS?!? But, but, will people know I've been playing a Nerdook game if I don't keep nodding my head for days after finishing it?
Developer response from nerdook

well.. technically the pilot is a bobblehead, eh?

Play Give Me All Your Coins Give Me All Your Coins Apr. 15, 2014
Tell you what, this makes some of the games I've seen on FGL look like rancid dog doo. Great game, lots of fun. My only complaint is it's much too short and a *little* too easy. Still, thanks for posting it and I'd definitely be interested in any updates you do. 4/5 just coz I liked it a *lot*.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Apr. 12, 2014
The insane badge is crazy. :| Great game, though.
Play Colony Age Robot Outbreak Colony Age Robot Outbreak Apr. 10, 2014
Great game, but I agree with others comments that the repair stuff is completely unintuitive. Also, I've got apparently trapped twice on level 5 and only got through it by accidentally destroying the power thingy. It's a great game, it's just got some weird logic in it. I'd rate it 3/5 as-is and 4/5 if the weird logic was fixed, but I'd be down rating it if I did that, so no rating right now.
Play Primus Primus Apr. 10, 2014
I'm with F22Raptor775, it's surprisingly fun for such a simple game. Would like to see it expanded on.
Play Gold Mine - The Second Gold Mine - The Second Apr. 02, 2014
Lotta hating going on in the comments here. There's more than one type of action, strategy, shooter... why not different types of idle? I mean, duh. I really like this. It's ridiculously simple, but that's its appeal. Plus it's got offline mining, which is always awesome, and appropriately miniscule CPU usage (a pet peeve). Just check back in every few days and spend your gold. What's not to like? Sure, I like the more complex idlers too, but Idle Mine wasn't exactly rocket science and look how popular that is. This hasn't quite got whatever awesomeosity makes a 5 star, but it's easily a 4/5 from me :)
Developer response from save_point

The main idea behind that game is to be as Idle as possible :) Maybe I should update game description so the players will get an idea.

Play Against monsters Against monsters Apr. 02, 2014
About the most basic, no-frills TD I've seen in a while. It all works fine, although there are only 20 levels and one map. Worth playing once if you like TD games.
Play Coffee Clicker Coffee Clicker Apr. 01, 2014
I'm with RaceBandit below. Would have been a 4/5 but for the Bone (after which I walked away from the game).
Play Space Attack Space Attack Apr. 01, 2014
I must have tried this game half a dozen times and thought, "Meh, it's OK' (3/5), then it suddenly clicked this time I tried it. Short but pretty neat and fairly intense game 4/5
Play Idle Fantasy Idle Fantasy Mar. 31, 2014
I've played this on several occasions, but I'm going to give up. 17+ digit numbers with no formatting, no abbreviations (K, M, B, T, etc.) and variable decimal spaces (and in a proportional font, too) quickly make it unplayable. Also reduced my rating to 3/5. I *like* the game, but if you can't read it, what's the point?
Play Learn to Fly Idle Learn to Fly Idle Mar. 29, 2014
Simply perfect. Perfect progression and scaling (which also reminded me of the other Learn To Fly games), perfect balance and humour. I've never before played an idle game with a goal that kept me playing it actively for 9 hours straight. 5/5 and I wish I could rate it higher. (also love your (the devs.) replies).
Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 28, 2014
Sorry, and the ability to scroll the map on the movement screen and not just on the Manage Troops screen. All connected with planning an advance, don'cha know :P
Developer response from DJStatika

this was just because when dragging it might then be a bit easy to accidentally move your troops somewhere, but I could have a look

Play Warlords: Epic Conflict Warlords: Epic Conflict Mar. 28, 2014
My only (so far unmentioned AFAIK) complaint is that I'd like to be able to see the borders of NON-adjacent territories. That way I can plan ahead. As someone else said, there's no benefit to holding specific territories, so at least give us the information to decide where to advance and where we want our front line to be. Also, I second needing a charge/cooldown for charge and specials. That's kind of a biggie. Overall, a worthy addition to the Warlords series. 4/5 I've rated them all 4/5, but I think this is the best so far.
Developer response from DJStatika

thanks for the feedback. I will give it some thought

Play Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Tinysasters 2: rise of the nexus Mar. 27, 2014
That's simply a 5/5, right there. Perfect and intense action/strategy with nary a shot fired. And it does get damned intense. Perfect, sirs, simply perfect.
Play Mine Clicker Mine Clicker Mar. 26, 2014
Not quite sure what this thing is doing, but I've got 100% CPU usage and 6FPS on a 3 GHz P4. It runs like molasses, and everything else I've played in the last hour is fine.
Play Hackey: the Hackening Hackey: the Hackening Mar. 26, 2014
This is pretty darn good, although I do agree with others that it has a limited challenge. You may want to check out - for an ancient game that had some striking similarities but was much harder to get the hang of. It might give you some ideas on expansion (if you wanted to). I *think* it works natively in Win XP, but it was designed for Win 3.1(!). Regardless, fine game as it stands, and I'd love to see it expanded. 4/5
Play Tiny Planet Tiny Planet Mar. 26, 2014
Nice concept. Bit too much interaction needed for an idle game, but nowhere near enough variety and interaction for anything else, though. It's very simple and fun for 3-4 levels, but I was bored by level 4, and on level 10, when I realised you could click the edge to move the screen, I gave up. The only challenge I could see was getting to a certain height in a limited area. I do like it, it just has no challenge or conflict. 3/5