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Play E-Racer E-Racer Jul. 06, 2010
Should be retitled: "Office-workers ice-skating with trolleys to funk music to promote e-commerce".
Play 60s to Save the Queen 60s to Save the Queen Jun. 28, 2010
Interesting concept for a platformer. Kept my attention for a very long time attempting to get under time - although I hate to admit it. So far it's 57 seconds for me, although how anyone can get under 35 is beyond me.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jun. 25, 2010
It's so repetitive and frustrating. But yet...It's the most addictive thing I've ever played.
Play Pizza King 2 Pizza King 2 Jun. 13, 2010
Play Generate Generate Jun. 13, 2010
Whoever you are, Mr. Gavain, kudos.
Play Cake Creations Cake Creations Jun. 13, 2010
I am a teenage girl and I learnt how to make a cake with this game.
Play Emo Kid Plays Guitar Hero Emo Kid Plays Guitar Hero Jun. 13, 2010
I lol'd.
Play Flash Morrowind Flash Morrowind Jun. 13, 2010
Remind me when in Morrowind you're a revolving machine gun that shoots flaming turds at a red bumper car while it's raining stale popcorn. Oh right, this is a troll submission. Sorry to bother you, then.
Play Pixel knight Pixel knight Jun. 05, 2010
The creator definitely spent a lot of time making it look like he made the game, providing excessive istructions (sic) for this pixel knight 'adventure'. True effort, here.
Play julite part 3 (interview with a stick man) julite part 3 (interview with a stick man) Jun. 05, 2010
*sigh* This is going nowhere.
Play Bounce Madness Bounce Madness Jun. 04, 2010
Exactly what it says on the tin - and really, REALLY, addictive.
Play Naughty Room Escape Naughty Room Escape Jun. 04, 2010
Suffice to say, the room was not as naughty as expected.
Play please try me (juliete) part 2 please try me (juliete) part 2 Jun. 04, 2010
Come on, there's potential here - just play around with flash, improve some narrative and dialogue, and you have a game that I would spend some time on. They're good for first games!
Play Try me please?! Try me please?! Jun. 04, 2010
For fifteen minutes, not bad, I guess - but it says a lot when even the characters are bored. Although there's nothing I found interesting, at least the creator has basic understanding of the English language and flash. Unlike SOME first games.
Play Jigsaw Puzzle-Princess Mononoke Jigsaw Puzzle-Princess Mononoke May. 07, 2010
Good movie. Bad puzzle.
Play The Adventures Of Iso Amazon, Chapter 1 The Adventures Of Iso Amazon, Chapter 1 Apr. 15, 2010
PlayCrafter. Undermining the fun in games since 2007.
Play Ghost Guidance Ghost Guidance Apr. 07, 2010
This game is as slow and uneventful as my slow cooker.
Play Dock It! Dock It! Apr. 06, 2010
Oh. Don't bother stopping even though I'm RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU, little blue boat.
Play House Escape House Escape Apr. 06, 2010
You'd think by now people would be conscious enough to make sure others didn't lock them inside postmodern living rooms with puzzles.
Play Chemical Place Escape Chemical Place Escape Apr. 06, 2010
"Boy, am I sure I want to work seriously in this room here? It's called the 'Chemical Place'. It might have chemicals in it! Who knows? Naw, what's the worst that could happen?"