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Play Snoring Snoring Apr. 29, 2011
Very attractive to look at, and addictive to play. Just moving the animals is fun, even if you don't wake the elephant.
Play Battle Scribes Battle Scribes Apr. 09, 2011
Not especially original, but nicely presented, and another word game is always welcome to someone who finds monster-slaying less than fascinating.
Play Explosheres Explosheres Apr. 09, 2011
I like the minimal input on my part - and a soundtrack I don't want to annihilate
Play Mystic Garden Mystic Garden Mar. 31, 2011
Damn - someone else too lazy to choose distinct colours - another dead loss as far as I'm concerned
Play Choo Choo Puzzles Choo Choo Puzzles Mar. 25, 2011
Two really good, entertaining puzzles in the same week, both with simple mechanics, clear graphics and fun to do.
Play Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Classic Hashi Light Vol 1 Mar. 25, 2011
At last - one of my favourite puzzles is here. An ideal game for the odd five minutes, and a 'proper' puzzle, relying on thought and logic.
Play Puzzle killer Puzzle killer Mar. 22, 2011
Poor choice of colours - so I'll have to give it a miss. (We are always told of the many colours which are available - so why do we still get this irritating problem?)
Play Polygonal Fury Polygonal Fury Mar. 11, 2011
My ideal casual game - short levels which are untimed, lots of luck involved and the game does most of the work. Very relaxing and a lot of fun.