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Play Bubble Tanks Arenas Bubble Tanks Arenas Jul. 22, 2010
too complicated I didnt even try a second stage, I prefer the 'blue themed' bubble tanks!
Play Teh Most Hard Quiz 2 Teh Most Hard Quiz 2 Jul. 05, 2010
coolboy9725 ive already made better games that this crap but I havent published them because they are not complete games, I dont think this thing is even called a game so stop calling yourself a game creator
Play RTP Sudoku RTP Sudoku Jun. 25, 2010
Zebanafain yes at the beggining I thought it was showing the correct ones but I did a mistake where I thought it was correct because it was green, I didnt realize it in the beggining ;P I actualy love sudoku!!!
Play RTP Sudoku RTP Sudoku Jun. 24, 2010
Oh I see if they are red they are not nessecerely wrong , sorry for that 5/5
Play RTP Sudoku RTP Sudoku Jun. 24, 2010
I think it would be better to have any number you type with the same colour (despite if they are correct or wrong) and have a button to say 'Check' that checks if they are correct or not (I dont like the game to tell me if I typed a wrong number so its more challenging)
Play Who Move My Cheese Who Move My Cheese Jun. 24, 2010
on vs mode your enemy has 'speed boost' without getting an item which gives it to him...
Play Gross Out Gross Out Jun. 23, 2010
I hate when they say 'Put this game in your site for free!!' they say it like they do us a favor while in fact they must pay us to advertise their games
Play Two games Two games Jun. 17, 2010
if we rate 5/5 appleplusy will think this is actualy a good game and make more of it... com'on if you use ANY painting program you can make way A LOT BETTER games ive been working in a game more than 4 months and still not completed ^^
Play Nerves Ball Test Nerves Ball Test May. 20, 2010
you dont get many plays because game is fun , you get them because game LOOKS fun but when you play it u realize its a crapy black and white 5-leveled small demo , not even a complete day..I wonder did this took you 5 or 6 minutes to complete?
Play Nightmare Invaders Nightmare Invaders Mar. 15, 2010
kongregate is full of ppl learing java and posting games they made in 5min...
Play Windows E.V.I.L. Windows E.V.I.L. Feb. 23, 2010
was it SO hard to make the 'blue bar' writing 'Start' or having a windows symbol? oh sorry how could u spend more than 5 seconds for a game..