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Play Deadly Gambling Deadly Gambling Mar. 29, 2014
Nice take on the russian roulette competition from the wonderful french movie Tzameti, that has been remaked with Jason Statham. Unfortunately after finishing the first two tournaments and few first missions I'm stuck and there is nothing going forward: no new missions, no possible tournaments besides the first two in that noone participates. What a shame..
Play A Knight to Remember A Knight to Remember Dec. 19, 2013
Nice memory based concept, but just TOO short!!
Play The Soul Driver The Soul Driver Nov. 06, 2013
The best thing is still, how I'm speeding down close to the radar and the police car is hitting my bumper and speeding me up, so I get a ticket - splendid police work for the financial benefit of the nation!
Play Dopaminium: The Heal Journey Dopaminium: The Heal Journey Oct. 12, 2013
Whoever is concerned about logic in this fine psychedelic PnC clearly doesn't understand the idea of a psychedelic trip. If you want logic, go to the car wash, buy your ticket and see your car getting washed teh same way it's always been, Freaked out, acidish hallucinogenic piece of creative work, though game play isn't the best. 4/5
Play Happydemic Happydemic Oct. 12, 2013
Nothing really new, but solid. Excellent jazz score, even IF not "original" :) 4/5
Play Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Sep. 17, 2013
This is a truly unique piece of software! I can't call it a game, the developers went much further presenting a solid, a little "trivial", but absolutely fact based guide to philosophy and philosophical thinking for everyone, especially young and adolescent people, who never or poorly dealt with that subject in the first place. A delight, if one reads it all through and reflects. I'm mesmerized! 5/5
Play Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Spectromancer: Gathering of Power Sep. 04, 2013
This little but deep game was always one of my favorites amongst card games that are available here. I don't want to repeat what others already said about advantages of the update, but custom decks for campaign and the love of the creator for his audience and his product makes it really full of heart. Spectromancer beats most of the overloaded and glaring card games easily, of which in addition most are created for making money.
Play Divide Divide Apr. 09, 2013
Nice little game, though - as already mentioned - too short :( As well my main criticism is lying in the fact, that many of my solutions weren't accepted, making the linearity another minus. Still - gorgeous music!
Play Realm of Color Elves Realm of Color Elves Mar. 14, 2013
It's a solid attempt in "match 3 with a twist" sector. Audiovisually it's a fine little game, though there are some better ones available in this genre.
Developer response from fighter106


Play Shadow Snake 3 Shadow Snake 3 Feb. 27, 2013
Somehow feels less elegant then the 2nd part, but still very enjoyable! 4/5
Play Rooms of Memory Rooms of Memory Jan. 29, 2013
Thanks to all who helped to kill this nice little hidden object game. Couldn't understand properly what was the main issue of the haters - if they didn't like it, they could still go for the other thousands of hidden objects games available from companies like BigFishGames etc., if they served them the more "honest" purpose by paying few bucks and having no energy issues or whatsoever.
Play SkullFace SkullFace Jan. 23, 2013
If it was a game on Atari 7800 back in the days it would've become the better and more successful pitfall.
Play Shapik: the quest Shapik: the quest Jan. 14, 2013
A little bit less captivating then the other games of that kind, but makes up for it with wonderful artwork and beautiful music!
Play Wrestle Jump Wrestle Jump Nov. 13, 2012
Nice ragdoll game with wonderful elasticity, some mexican flavor and the best thing is - with a 2 player mode! Throw in some storyline with challenges through South America and then the world, add few stats, power bar+specials, sort of training and/or things to equip - and there you go for game of the month! And even till without all that - addicting! :)
Developer response from oivoi

Thanks! Good ideas! If I make a sequel to Wrestle Jump it's gonna feature a deeper single player experience.

Play Memento Monster Memento Monster Nov. 08, 2012
I’m seriously wondering why nobody recognized this fine little "double"memory game with solid, sweet but atmosFEARic audiovisual elements. The game itself got a nice pace – its’ not too tough to beat, but gives you something to sweat about sometime!A shame it didn’t’ get noticed :(
Developer response from GoblinMage

Thank you very much for your appreciation. I'm glad that you like the game! :-)

Play NoNoSparks: Genesis NoNoSparks: Genesis Oct. 06, 2012
How great that you released the follow-up game - The Ark! That made me remember that I completely forgot about this one - didn't even finish it :( Now to sum up some commentaries and reject some others: this is the absolutely best "Mario Picross" clone ever made as a browser-game! While Conceptis with it's "Link-a-Pix" series truly put that game idea to the next level Beardshaker Games aimed at comfortable handling, excellent visual expression with a humoresque plot and a wonderful accompanying, but not disturbing "elevator music", that been criticized before. I was missing such games since the old GameBoy days, because most of the clones resulted in either simple and/or boring attempts. 3 Thumbs up! Please don't stop releasing more of those yummy picrosses - preferably a little tougher then before. Yours sincerely...
Play Ray Quest Ray Quest Sep. 28, 2012
A very refreshingly looking Shoot 'em Up; nice colorful polygons and decent accompanying music - reminded me of good ol' NAMCO's Starblade or its first decent copy - Silpheed. Unfortunately the gameplay isn't ripe enough: after half a game you ask yourself why you're still plaing, because the enemies show more or less the same acting patterns, heavy repeatedly boring pace of the whole game and actually if one focus enough - it#s possible to beat this game on perfect without losing any life:( Nice attempt, but - as so often nowadays - too linear and boring inside even if the outside is quite decently made.
Play REW REW Jan. 17, 2012
A great style and artwork, so is the storytelling! A litlte bit too short - could use 10-20 more sceneries then it'd be a perfect litlte flash game :)
Play Chronicles of Herenvale Chronicles of Herenvale Jan. 11, 2012
This game is definitely too boring - no pacing, layout is too spartaneous - compared to many MMOs out there its just very average.
Play Orcs Attack! Orcs Attack! Jan. 06, 2012
It's quite nice fresh take on crush the castle concept - don't bash it that much. Music annoys though idd :P