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Play Sugar, sugar 3 Sugar, sugar 3 Jul. 25, 2015
Excellent as usual, always loved this series most from all bonte's. Fast forward+pause would've been appreciated idd, as already've been mentioned.
Play Indefinite: Interrogation Game Indefinite: Interrogation Game Jul. 25, 2015
Simple but great way for playing with your own memory. 4/5 because of the nonexisting surrounding, design etc., even if those might distract from the purpose of the game. Still very good
Play Legend Knight Legend Knight Mar. 09, 2015
I guess there are nowadays some sort of preconfigured kits to create such sort of games. Great grafics, sometime decent soundtracks paired with zero to little gameplay at all. Not to forget the greed to ask people to pay for such stuff; terrible.
Play Family Rush Family Rush Mar. 09, 2015
Quick fun, agreeing with the comment on "doing less and less", since it's not satisfying enough. Decent attempt though, 3/5
Play Tears of despair Tears of despair Jan. 04, 2015
Very short, but tasty crafted manga noir style!
Play The Empty Kingdom The Empty Kingdom Dec. 16, 2014
A short but pleasant experience
Play Epic Christmas Celebration Epic Christmas Celebration Dec. 15, 2014
Needs trajectory and power scales, medals for lower amount of used turns to finish a level, and maybe few little perks or upgrades to bring the christmas spirit )
Play Steel Jack: LEVEL PACK Steel Jack: LEVEL PACK Nov. 26, 2014
Nonspectacular one-finger-swap-phone game. Not bad either 3 /5
Play Zombie Tactics Zombie Tactics Nov. 11, 2014
Finally some great TBS game! Waiting for such all the time, but all I get is mostly TD in flash sektor or RTS elswhere. Might add another comment after I saw more of the game structure. but it looks fine so far. 5/5
Play Angry Gran Run: Halloween Angry Gran Run: Halloween Oct. 09, 2014
Typical mobile game: funny enough to play, not motivating enough to keep playing
Play Vinyl Memories Vinyl Memories Oct. 01, 2014
Needs more songs and some diversity, through tempo, rhythmic figures etc. Nice try, but "Music catch" is still the shiat.
Play Little Phobia Little Phobia Oct. 01, 2014
Fresh and atmosFEARic, controls are - as in all Martini rosso games a little wobbly. Because of that 4 /5
Play Randy's Empire Randy's Empire Oct. 01, 2014
Excellent interactive comic! Animations are enough to make it appear made with love and care and give the players an involvmenet making it not "another text adventure with multiple choice q&a & some pictures". Don't get people criticizing the lack of checkpoints: guys, it has less then a dozen scenes, don't be so lazy and picky about it: it's not "Space Ace" or "Dragon's Lair", have some dignity. Little short though, that's why 4 /5
Play War on Iraq War on Iraq Sep. 28, 2014
+ for violence, - for everything else. Boring, linear, grafics aren't good
Play Sweet Revenge Sweet Revenge Sep. 15, 2014
Even shorter then the usual ones from You, but big step up considering the grafics. For that - props!
Play Crazy Zombie v3.0 Crazy Zombie v3.0 Sep. 14, 2014
An enjoayable oldschool arcade Beat'em Up. Could have been better if there were 2 different basic attacks. Itemdrop is illogical, but their diversity is satsifying 4 / 5
Play Jellydad Hero Jellydad Hero Aug. 29, 2014
Not as charming as snail bob series, but more challenging
Play i saw her across the world i saw her across the world Aug. 28, 2014
The music makes the half of it!
Play The King of Towers The King of Towers Aug. 28, 2014
Too much bad credit for this one. Even if I agree about it being a kingdom rush ripoff and the fact that p2w is killing it, it's still not as bad as the critics are. The laggy gameplay is the biggest obstacle though
Play Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story Aug. 27, 2014
The grafics get better and better, the games get more boring, even with adding new elements :(