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Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 11, 2014
great game, cool it gets badges. the "average gamer" will surely hate these badges (and the game), cause the game is damn hard :)
Admin response from greg

It'll have an easier badge that anyone can get, like killing 20 farmers or something.

Play Gravitum Gravitum Aug. 31, 2013
thanks for this great game with stunning pixel art. its tough sometimes, but its nice to see a challenging retro game these days (and not another of these upgrade games). lets see if the kids like this too.
Play Counter Terror Counter Terror May. 31, 2013
really nice game with amazing retro graphics. HINT: for all people with european keyboards - press “ALT” and “SHIFT” to switch to US keyboard controls while playing!
Play Lost Fluid Lost Fluid May. 09, 2013
beautiful little game with a great ending. I hope there will be a part 2! 5/5
Play Pinch Hitter Game Day Pinch Hitter Game Day Apr. 03, 2013
after a hard start and with some practice this game is very nice. i was able to win in normal mode 19 - 4, im so proud now :)
Play Storm Ops 3 Storm Ops 3 Feb. 11, 2013
a really good game with great graphics and a nice upgrade system! one suggestion: to make the game a bit easier it would be nice if injured enemies would walk a little slower ;)
Developer response from 3kggames

Enemies with leg and knee injuries actually walk slower. :)

Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 20, 2012
great update. but the game seems really too easy now. too many drops of permanent items, too many rewards (gold etc for clearing any dungeon), i think you should just be able to carry max 4 artefacts and 4 spells (maybe even just 3 each) and not for example 8 permanent artefacts. other updates i would like to see: more quests and another minigame like the forging ... still this game is a 5/5
Play Checkpoint Checkpoint Dec. 05, 2012
amazing and challenging game. the poor little guy will have so many digital deaths, but at least he's got a cape that suits him well :) 5/5
Play Super Clew Land Super Clew Land Aug. 31, 2012
this for sure brings NES memories back. nicely done. some more detailed instructions what you actually have to do in this game would be nice. i needed some time - although i think i'm a very smart guy :) ♥ 4/5 ♥
Play Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4 Aug. 04, 2012
good sequel. by the way you are able to switch from mouse to arrow keys control on the title screen...
Play Chunkadelic Chunkadelic Jun. 24, 2012
a very nice game with cool retro graphics and sounds. I like the idea that you have to find out yourself whats the goal of each mini game. although some games are well known, I had to try a bit at others. good job!
Play Crazy Steam Bros Crazy Steam Bros Apr. 26, 2012
the pixel graphics are just amazing. the cathedral in lvl 1 ... very good work. gameplay is good, i just wish the game would be a bit easier (i died four times against the first boss), maybe more than just one life or some kind of checkpoints during the levels would be good.
Developer response from ArsCreativa

Thanks!. Yes, the game is a little hard, but as old school shooters, "practice makes perfect". I missed to put it in the description of the game, but the life regenerates itself (a little bit every second).

Play a Trashy Love Story a Trashy Love Story Apr. 26, 2012
once you got used to the controls and the quite unique method to control the character (this can take some levels) this is a very nice game with neat puzzles and good retro graphics. you just need to give the game some time. and heh, you took the old amiga cursor, good old days :)
Developer response from oddgoo

Thank you! Glad you liked it. And indeed, the Amiga cursor has found its way in there. =), gives me fond memories.

Play Silly Sausage Silly Sausage Apr. 23, 2012
try out these codes for some silly action: NITROME: Changes the wooden blocks to Cuboy faces and makes the background pink. HOTDOGS: Changes the gems to hot dogs. POOMODE: Whenever the dog lets go of a surface, a poo is left behind and a fart sound is played. Note: If leaving a cloud block no poo or sound will be made. REVERSE: Reverses the control scheme. MUSCLES: Limits you to one life. Note: the score multiplier will be x1. CHICKEN: Gives you five lives. Note: The score multiplier will give you x5 if you have 5 hearts. DOGMEAT: All enemies move at double their normal speed. GRANDPA: All enemies move at half their normal speed. PRESENT: Dog Bones slowly randomly appear around the level, worth 50 points each. FLIPPED: Flips the level upside-down, colours the wooden blocks light blue, and makes the background moving red, green blue, and purple stripes. Note: the gems are flipped and the saws are completely visible.
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 3 Apr. 05, 2012
to be honest: i never was a big fan of the fancy pants adventures... but now they finally got me. beautiful visuals, wonderful sounds & great controls. just so much FUN. a must-do 5/5
Play Nuclear Justice 2084 Nuclear Justice 2084 Apr. 03, 2012
really great game! i like it very much ... but please add customizable controls, x & z might be good for us keyboard users, but for me these keys mean hurting fingers ;)
Play The Adventures of Zomboy The Adventures of Zomboy Mar. 22, 2012
really great graphics (most notably: awesome background drawings!), nice concept, short & fun. just the controls doesn't feel perfect somehow and could be improved. hope there will be a part two!
Play Gravity Duck 2 Gravity Duck 2 Feb. 22, 2012
seeing a sponsor not want to have a standard comfort feature (key to continue) in a game is stupid, seeing people downrating a good game because of this is even more stupid. great game 5/5
Play Snow Tale Snow Tale Feb. 02, 2012
this game is a great homage to the good old Snow Bros with awesome level design and nice pixel graphics. so I guess its time to throw some snowballs at all those bad guys faces, who well deserve this for any reason! 5/5
Play Merry Schmess Frenzy Merry Schmess Frenzy Dec. 15, 2011
i don't know exacly what i'm doing here, but it just feels damn right! epic game.
Developer response from gameshot

Perfect! Just the way this game should "work" :D - Thanks!