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Play simian.interface simian.interface Mar. 18, 2013
This game is absolutely amazing! i love it! :)
Play Accretion Accretion Mar. 17, 2013
Interesting concept. I like the gameplay and how the controls work. The game could use some better graphics though. specially the planetoids, that look like cheese puffs. ;) - What are the blue crystals for that break of when the bigger once die?
Play JUMP Parts 1, 2, and 3 (Alpha) JUMP Parts 1, 2, and 3 (Alpha) Mar. 17, 2013
Pretty nice game. I like how huge the arenas are and how far you can ump. similar to my game yours could use a bit more sounds, like air hissing when jumping. also in some levels, like the one with the green landscape some directions would be go. i admit i got lost on that one. but the concept is pretty nice and it has good atmosphere.
Developer response from Jaden14541

Thanks, I will get to work on the sounds and such. That was actually the point of that one level with the forest, just a little scavenger hunt. :D

Play Sonar Sonar Mar. 17, 2013
I like the concept. Pretty nice. Reminds me a bit of my Jump Noir game. Maybe we should do something together :)
Play Galaxy Defender Galaxy Defender Mar. 17, 2013
Very nice! I like the sound and the graphics. Some formations and more enemy types would be cool though - maybe also that the enemies come from more than one direction. It might also be good to limit the player bullets to the screen (you can do this be onscreen or simply be "destroy if y > +50" or the value that fits the game :)
Play Jump Noir - a monochromatic Jump & Run Jump Noir - a monochromatic Jump & Run Mar. 17, 2013
@SteamBagel & @bastiandantilus - yes and no. The term monochrom(matic) is also used referring to black and white works in art or pictures. Also "monochrom" is used to describe computer screens that only show black plus one color or black plus white. So while you are correct that monochromatic implies that it is about chroma (greek for color) it can also be used to refer to black & white. I do use colors though, but they are limited to the start and goal platforms, so i don´t see them as part of the monochrome scheme.
Play Jump Noir - a monochromatic Jump & Run Jump Noir - a monochromatic Jump & Run Mar. 17, 2013
@Drakulo Though that is part of the gameplay, you are right that it´s difficult. I will try to put more forms of feedback like sounds and effects into the game to have better control. @jaden Thank you. I would love that. I need to learn how to build my own characters. :)
Play Pumpkin Remover 2 Pumpkin Remover 2 Mar. 13, 2011
this is soooooo booooooring!