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Well, hello there! You’ve just tuned into a reductionist description of the human being behind Muskar’s profile. Before we begin, you should know that he’s so much more than what this text can describe, yet he’s still just a tiny creature living on a tiny blue space pebble, having only experienced an extremely tiny fraction of time in the known history of the universe.

So… in his own conscious life perspective he’s a programmer and have made a few games himself but nothing too exciting. When he was a teenager, he was a depressed social coward and used games as a way of feeling accomplishments and having easy anonymous social interactions online. Kongregate was a great place for that, although he did find many of the games were too short, too frustrating and insufficiently rewarding.

Playing a lot of games, and shielding himself from difficult social interactions, are possibly the most important factors contributing to making him a very skeptical and logical person. He always loved science because it doesn’t pick favorites and because you’re never done learning.

In his twenties he also started becoming very passionate about empathy, compassion and humbleness. And in recent years he’s come to care a lot for the future of humanity, such as improving our global socioeconomic system for all of humanity and ridding the world of poverty, war and ignorance. He’d also like to see humans become a multiplanetary species and not lead our way into our own extinction.

Some mouthful, right? Now you know why some people find him controversial. These are big thoughts for a tiny creature like him. Especially for sharing on a site like Kongregate that has little to do with these things.

…Sometimes he wished people all over the world cared more for what was going on in their life and around them, and didn’t always obey the common suppression of being different and questioning our ways.
He wished it wasn’t so commonly exhausting to talk about anything serious beyond your own perspective.

Sigh… Sometimes he even wants to give up faith in humanity and just let it be another failure of evolution. But if it was truly up to him, we would all wise up, work together and adapt to our scientific knowledge of optimal long-term survival and well-being strategies. He has not lost hope, in spite of the overwhelming difficulty it is to influence the world.

His biggest idol is probably Carl Sagan, but in this regard he cares more about ideas, values, accomplishments and trains of thought, than in individuals and their so-called accomplishments. In spite of that, he thinks it’s a shame that a lot of memorable people are forgotten or ignored today though, so here’s a few more people he finds important:
Mahatma Ghandi, Elon Musk, John Lennon, Marcin Jakubowski, Sal Khan, Robert Sapolsky, Sir Ken Robinson, Alfie Kohn and others.

Occasionally he’s actually also a hobby musician and composer. He loves to listen to both happy and sad music, mostly EDM, funk, pop, film scores, progressive metal and some other various genres. He’s mostly about the melody, harmony and feelings in the songs, but a bad text can ruin a song for him, and a great message can make a good song great.
He’s not too satisfied with his own music but he thinks some of it is enjoyable for the patient and open-minded listener. Here it is, if that’s of interest:

I guess that’s about it. I hope you can take something away from all that. I’m sure he would be pleased to meet you too. Take care, either way.

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