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Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Aug. 22, 2011
I am Basement Jesus the tragic king destined to re-invent God. I am awesome.
Play Rebuild Rebuild May. 26, 2011
this game gets boring
Play DuckLife3: Evolution DuckLife3: Evolution May. 12, 2011
Duck! Use rock climb!
Play Vegetable Sandwich Vegetable Sandwich Apr. 01, 2011
How morbidly boring can this game get?
Play Blade Haven Blade Haven Feb. 07, 2011
Worthless commercial bullcrap. Have fun with your sponsor money.
Play Bat Country Bat Country Jan. 13, 2011
Interesting game. I was afraid it was going to be another horrible clone game, but as I played it the soundtrack, the feel of it, and almost everything else is different. Upgrade system would be nice to keep away that grinding feeling but overall a good game. 4/5.
Play I Am An Insane Rogue AI I Am An Insane Rogue AI Jan. 06, 2011
My heart surged with joy when I saw the name "Nerdook" under the author.
Play Debugger Debugger Dec. 23, 2010
If the last weapon was a nuke, there would still be a cockroach problem.
Play Poltergifts Poltergifts Dec. 19, 2010
I was thinking "Who makes evil games like these?!?!". Then I saw it was sponsored by Newgrounds.
Play City Siege City Siege Dec. 18, 2010
My baby is unfed. My dog hasnt had food in weeks. I have no family anymore. All because i wanted a gold medal on every level.
Play Radical Fishing Radical Fishing Dec. 10, 2010
"Dude, what happened to your $500 cashmere wool suit?!?!" "Oh fish guts were raining from the sky."
Play Radical Fishing Radical Fishing Dec. 10, 2010
Oh my god, how did they know how I fish?!?!
Play Dungeon Developer Dungeon Developer Dec. 09, 2010
You sir, should make a full video game. Your game designing skill and a little time would make the best selling game in the history of everything in the universe.
Play Love Love Dec. 05, 2010
I noticed something interesting. If you stay close to one, you get more happiness. But you need others to keep everything from going out of control. Keep someone close, but dont forget about your freinds. Thats the message I got out of this.
Play Weird Idle PRO Weird Idle PRO Dec. 05, 2010
This Idle game is very promising. As long as he updates and fixes bugs regularly, this might be the best Idle game there is.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Dec. 05, 2010
Btw great game 5/5 sry for double post.
Play Great Dungeon in the Sky Great Dungeon in the Sky Dec. 05, 2010
I started playing and I was like, "Meh." Then I unlocked the Shit Blob. Ive played 9 hours straight.
Play I-Ninja I-Ninja Nov. 30, 2010
Too horribly stupid for human language to describe. 1/5.
Play Gingerbread Circus 2 Gingerbread Circus 2 Nov. 30, 2010
Gets extremely difficult, then you want to throw a REAL knife at the computer.
Play Deadly Neighbours Deadly Neighbours Nov. 07, 2010
I could've sworn my van was blue when I started driving...