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[08:06 PM] Holy2334: MNIN is mod of CH now
[08:07 PM] JohannasGarden: MNIN is like the common cold virus

[03:38 PM] AMGAD121hero: do u have hot boobs

[06:07 PM] LouWeed: I had the weirdest dream last night
[06:07 PM] LouWeed: I was in like a computer game or something
[06:07 PM] LouWeed: I was fighting the baddies with my fists but fists were hurting whever I punched
[06:08 PM] LouWeed: and then the last bad guy kicked me in the balls but it didn’t hurt so
[06:08 PM] LouWeed: I beat him up using my testicles instead of my fists
[06:08 PM] LouWeed: but then when he was beaten he bit my right nut off
[06:08 PM] LouWeed: and then a doctor had to reattach it
[06:09 PM] LouWeed: and I learned that inside my scrotum is the same padding as that used in boxing gloves
[06:09 PM] LouWeed: and then I woke up in a cold sweat
[06:10 PM] LouWeed: couldn’t go back to sleep for ages and then only with both hands covering my balls

[04:18 PM] gazgaz: “Oh YEAH baby, that’s it OH YEAH MODERATE MY CHAT HARD THAT’S IT, I`M GONNA, I`M GONNA!!!”

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