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Play Escape From The Mayan City Escape From The Mayan City Dec. 10, 2010
Nice little game - found the treasure :)
Play Escape in the Magenta Room Escape in the Magenta Room Jun. 05, 2010
The game was created by 2keys Games.
Play Escape In The Hospital Escape In The Hospital Jun. 02, 2010
By the way, why are the links on the main screen changed to another site? Compare to the original game:
Play Escape In The Hospital Escape In The Hospital Jun. 02, 2010
The game is called "Leo Himura's No Exit" and is already 3 years old.
Play Credit card escape Credit card escape May. 31, 2010
The code is not on the paper but on the card ;) Nice game, but finding the code was annoying.
Play Absentia - Episode 1 Absentia - Episode 1 May. 20, 2010
Promising start, good atmosphere. The puzzles got too repetitive - I hope that there will be much more coming in the next episode :)
Play Skull Island Skull Island May. 16, 2010
I have enjoyed this game, very nice :D And I didn't experience any technical issues with it :)
Play Buzzle Buzzle May. 13, 2010
I'm too impatient for the game controls. I would have preferred if we could pick up a tile, and rotate it by using e.g. arrow keys.
Play Box10 Roaches TD Box10 Roaches TD May. 13, 2010
Good game, got defeated on wave 34. Going to retry.
Play MR MOTH BALL MR MOTH BALL May. 11, 2010
And you are Mateusz Skutnik who created this game?
Play Deep Sea Diver Deep Sea Diver May. 06, 2010
I think it's a well made game with nice graphics.
Play ROFL Attack! ROFL Attack! May. 04, 2010
That's a pretty old game from 2004.
Play Collido Collido Mar. 24, 2010
Not a new game idea, but cute smilies and nicely implemented :)
Play The BlueBerry Pie The BlueBerry Pie Mar. 23, 2010
A cute and nicely done game :)
Play Fujitsu Defender Fujitsu Defender Mar. 12, 2010
Fun game, however I also agree with other posters that towers should target the enemy closest to the exit.
Play Alice Alice Mar. 09, 2010
I enjoyed this one, beautiful screens, and the sound makes it a bit creepy.
Play Eric the Circle (Lite) Eric the Circle (Lite) Mar. 08, 2010
Nice game :) And I prefer arrow keys to WASD ;)
Play Flophone - Top Secret Flophone - Top Secret Mar. 04, 2010
I enjoyed it a lot :D
Play Pirate's Mind Pirate's Mind Mar. 01, 2010
Fun twist to a memory game :)
Play Youda Fairy Youda Fairy Feb. 27, 2010
Very nice graphics, but gets repetitive after a while.