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Play ESCAPE ESCAPE Jan. 22, 2012
I want the .mp3 to that song! Now!
Play All That Matters All That Matters Jan. 15, 2012
I don't understand why my computer is doing this, but for some reason I can't start the game. I type in my name into the NEW GAME slot, press OK, and the the screen goes blank with the exception of a heart with the number 0/75 sitting next to it at the top of the screen. What's going on with my game?
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Dec. 31, 2011
This game looks great, but it's one hell of a lagfest. I'm using Google Chrome on Vista, and this is the only Flash game this has happened with on my comp. Changing the High Resolution doesn't help either.
Play Cubelands Cubelands Mar. 03, 2011
This is a minecraft ripoff in everyway. You insult Notch with this garbage. For those of you playing this, go play the REAL THING at As for the developer, stop ripping off good games.
Play Corporation Inc. Corporation Inc. Jan. 30, 2011
The game said it saves automatically everytime a day passes, but because of "no save" problem listed above I lost my tower, which was really close to completing all the objectives. Please add a save system, because I enjoyed this concept for a game and think it needs just a bit more work before I can give it a 5/5.
Play Langman Langman Jan. 26, 2011
Please add a link to the music sources bro. Give me some +'s if want these tunes on your IPOD!
Play Momiga Momiga Nov. 17, 2010
Very challenging game here. It took a simple gameplay style with graphics similar Magnavox Oddesey (After all, the first videogames were ENTIRELY made of white dots like this one), with one goal: Get the dot to go to the right. Each iteration provided a challenge, forcing you to use trail and error, and to eventually develop a strategy on how to move the dot. I was surprised with the possibilities for gameplay the simple concept provided. Overall, this was a great game that achieved it's goal of being "the most minimalist game ever". Well done Rogerup, I hope you start on a sequel to this.
Play Level Up! Level Up! Jul. 12, 2010
OK, just because the game crashes for SOME people doesn't mean it should be taken out from the pixel pack. Maybe make it optional and offer another game for those who it doesn't work for, but this definitely belongs in the pixel pack. For those who it DOES work for it is an excellent game and deserves a spot. Please make this game an optional substitute for another badge.
Play Dynamic Systems Dynamic Systems Dec. 14, 2009
Level Editor Gold: S1|281|315|-19|F,S1|195|352|-57,S1|302|372|-14,S1|432|356|0,Ball|428|325|0|F,Basket|202|421|0|F,S1|328|100|12,S11|430|209|88,S3|277|66|0|F,S1|351|282|-
Play The Company of Myself The Company of Myself Dec. 02, 2009
Amazing game, sad ending. It really affects your outlook on life.
Play Campaign Game: General Election Campaign Game: General Election Nov. 27, 2009
Well, fun game but multiplayer is slow.
Play Sacred Seasons MMORPG Sacred Seasons MMORPG Nov. 15, 2009
Really glitchy. I died when I walked into a portal and it won't let me back in. Must be my sucky broadband.
Play Take Something Literally Take Something Literally Nov. 11, 2009