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Play Stupid Jerks Stupid Jerks Sep. 07, 2012
Sorry for the convienence? ;)
Play That Way That Way May. 06, 2011
@MadMikeo14 I made the same mistake in my first game like this. I fixed it, then "refixed" it in the game after that. Its just easier to leave it in each game :)
Play A Ride Home A Ride Home Feb. 10, 2011
Interesting atmosphere, very short, I felt alone and lost, which seemed what your goal was :)
Play Shrinkit Falling Shrinkit Falling Apr. 26, 2010
@Senevilla how is it not original?
Play Buboomy Buboomy Apr. 26, 2010
kinda laggy, looks a bit like my game tricharge, not saying you stole it, just saying its similar
Play magnx magnx Feb. 23, 2010
it has a retry button already
Play magnx magnx Feb. 22, 2010
congrats on beating it
Play shrink it shrink it Nov. 29, 2009
its not cheating if you find another way to beat it :P
Play shrink it shrink it Nov. 28, 2009
with the amount of comments about saves, i feel obligated to make a system, expect it by tomorrow
Play Miami Simulation Miami Simulation Nov. 28, 2009
its not a demo if it doesn't work
Play shrink it shrink it Nov. 28, 2009
the wooden ones aren't supposed to move
Play tricharge tricharge Nov. 03, 2009
sorry i didnt think about colorblindness, ill try making the colors look different somehow more obvious in the next one
Play tricharge tricharge Nov. 03, 2009
i loved that game lol
Play Snake Maze 2 Snake Maze 2 Oct. 15, 2009
first lol
Play quatris quatris Jan. 27, 2009
@ prosaicpoet1 try snap mode
Play SnakeMaze SnakeMaze Nov. 01, 2008
you cannot get all the stars, many are traps
Play SnakeMaze SnakeMaze Oct. 31, 2008
it has 40 lvls, and there is no way u beat them all
Play Castle Archer Castle Archer Aug. 15, 2008
whats the cheat? u have to beat it first
Play Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter Aug. 09, 2008
a reason for killing the zombes? well they KILL YOU jk. but if you want to get a high score, killing adds to your score
Play Zombie Hunter Zombie Hunter Aug. 08, 2008
@shadowhearts, wierd same thing happened in