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Mat’s Perspective.

As Sean and I slowly exited the hospital still in crutches we were abducted by helicopters swarming the sky and pulled up.
“We need you two to do another mission for us, the rebels have obtained a ship containing a crap load of explosives”, “Wait, so
you want us to risk our lives again and also probably get shot in more arms!”, “Yes”, Sean attempts to jump out the helicopter
yelling “F YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.” As we reached the secret base Area 10000 we got brief a mission status, training and then headed
off for the chopper ready for deploying us out in sea. After countless hours of annoying helicopter noises we saw the rebel’s ship
within a few 1000 yards at 12:00 sharp. Exactly when spotting it we heard a loud “bang” in the distance and again Sean’s reaction was
“F YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.” We slowly and steadily plummeted to the ocean, while Sean and I trying to fit ourselves into the poor excuses
of diving clothes. I looked down right away after squeezing myself into the clothes and right then it happened and I looked at Sean
starting to scream “CRAP, I HATE YOU GENERAL!.” We all knew this were to happen, but still it was fun to take
things out on the good ‘ol horrible general. “Splash” We hit the freezing water, so cold that it felt that we were burning and we instantly
looked for water, but it turned out that the helicopters flames hit us and the pilot got trapped inside so that left two burning newly added
assassins. We saw a wave of sea-water approching us thinking that help arrived!, but of course it was one of the rebels on a water-ski
holding a mounted machine gun spraying into the ocean blue, like a person trying to swat a gnat. Sean was right by me just screaming
“Shit, Shit, Shit!, I told the general this would happen, but NO he didn’t give a fuck about us." Swimming to the tanker we were greeted by a swarm
of more people trying to kill us. “Go figure” I screamed to them while they spoke in an un-recgonizable language. I told Sean to cover me as I slowly
drew open a hole in a side of the tanker like a snail, but surely enough it happened and we both escaped to heat and no more firing and risk of
being killed. We creept around quietly taking steps with our fully suppressed semi-automatic M110 SASS’ and our knives in hand ready to quickly
and silently take out a rebel enemy by sliting their throats. We came to a halt at a two door path way, Sean instantly said “We shouldn’t go down to the
left doorway, it looks like its a lair of the undead, it’s so dark and musty in there, plus were probably gonna get bombed or shotgunned in there
,lets go down the rainbow path!” While Sean pointed North-West, while I just stood there wondering what Sean was high on at the moment. Still wondering
what Sean was high on, the army of two walked quietly down the hallway ready to precisely take out anyone from afar or close with a single pull of the
hammer. Instantly I felt as if I was dead, a door, full-metal had slammed right on my head and I had gone flying into the wall for a quick K-O, laying
there un-conciously I heard many shots that were drowned out and a brief bang onto the ground.

Sean’s Perspective after Mat’s K-O.

“What the hell just happened!”, “Mat!, Get up!, C’mon we gotta go now!, Stop playing dead we need to go NOW!” Right there I noticed that he was
either dead or knocked out, there was a huge gash across his head which engulfed his face in a red, gooey substance and a hole in the right side
of his chest. Whatever it was I wasn’t going to leave my companion behind. I strugled to lift him up noticing that he was holding all the equipment
so I dropped the worthless items like empty ammo packs and a few canisters that were empty. As I started to head back I heard the un-recgonizable languages
and instantly saw them coming. Like an instinct I ripped a mine off of Mat’s belt, activated it and threw, while sprinting for the door that killed
my team-mate. As I sealed the door shut a splatter of red went everywhere and guts decorated the room, but we continued on trying to find a way out of
this god-forsaken place. “Clink, clank, clink clank” I rushed up the steps making a make-shift aim with my shoulder and the body of my dead team-mate. The next
door was sealed shut, upon being opened. I searched the belt buckle of Mat finding more ammo, wire-cutters, claymores, bandages, C-4, another mine, wait! C-4,
perfect! I un-strapped it and slammed it onto the door hoping to attract any rebels to explode while working open the door. Shots started to pierce through the steel
made walls and I was stuck there, but I remembered the stairs again, sliding down the rails holding the detonator. At the bottom the only thing to be heard was the explosion
of steel and the splatter of a liquid. Avoiding puddles of blood while making my way upstairs, I avoided all contact with all the gore and other parts.
The door was no longer the chrome like it original was, but now a dark red with a shine to it reflecting from the nearby lights on the ceilings. The shear noise of an explosion
in the far distance was almost ear shattering, but it was something to go investigate. Walking down the hall with Mat still slung over my shoulder wondering how it had been
carrying all the equipment without falling because it was gonna make me fall soon. As I opened up the door leading to the deck everything happened at once. A helicopter had just
left two men from the squad we were in before and they started to take out the hostiles one by one until Parker’s team-mate was shot in the head and fell back to the ground with
a deathly look on his face and Parker there just standing now by his team-mate trying to avenge him for what they did. As soon as I saw this I ran out and started to assist him
by sharpshooting all the farther targets needing more precision. At that moment a swarm of bullets rained down on my as I started to attempt to avoid them, but still took a few wounds
in the arm and chest. Slowly I started to bleed out and I was weakened, but still I helped Parker instead though he was yelling at me telling me to get back and avoid anymore contact
while he tried to shoot out the rest of the rebels. I had Mat at my side hoping he was only knocked out so I started to shake him, but at this point I thought he was dead, still I would
not just leave him there to let him stay on the ship and not have a chance that he may live. Right when I thought that, it happened, what I thought would, Parker was shot and was injured
pretty bad, but he insisted that he will protect us.

Parker’s Perspective after being shot.

“Shit!, Not now!, Not now!” I tried to hold onto my last grip at life and protect my old squad mates from a grueling death. I started to spray out the M14 until the unfortunate happened.
“Click!” The noise sent a jolt through my spine and I knew my time was up, but still I wouldn’t go down without a fight. I spinned around, slid across deck, ripped the M16 out of my squad-mate’s
dead hands, checked the mag quickly and started to take down the remaining rebels which seemed to come without ease. I looked behind me quickly to see if anything had happened to Sean or Mat, but they
seemed to be the same as they were before so I was in no rush at the moment. I pulled myself over to some cover which would take me somewhat out of the firefight and give me a chance to aim for once.
Again another jolt made its way from the gun “Click!”, this time I was prepared. I ripped out the Colt 1911 from my pocket and started to place precise shots on the far and close enemies without flinching.
One by one they seemed to give up, because no more of the rebels tried to compete against me. I rushed over to Sean and Mat, avoiding the horrible pain in my arm to help them. I seemed to
be the only one prepared with first aid and other supplies, I was the medic and if I hadn’t come they would’ve been dead by now. It’s not easy for a two man army to take out a ship of fully armed rebels.
I got Sean first, because he was still alive and kicking, I treated his gun shot and cleaned all the other wounds he obtained from shrapnel and who knows what else. After I took a look at Mat who at first sight
did look dead, but his pulse was still going so I applied all I could to the gash, and removed the bullets shrapnel, but there was nothing else I could help with him, he was going toneed to heal naturally from there.
I rushed myself with the rest of the group down the halls making the way towards to the control room. Sean who was struggling behind me with the body of Mat on his shoulders. I offered to take him, but he insisted to
do it, because after all he was his only other team-mate. We cautiously walked down a hallway that looked really suspicious and the prediction was right. Down the hall there was a pad and a few blinking lights.
I told everyone to back off and took the Colt out. We walked a few yards back, them a aimed down the iron-sights and shot the light. The explosion almost made all of us deaf and it revealed another pathway and
a few rebels splatter all over the walls and floor. The group and I scanned the new hallways and headed north hoping to hit the stair way. After walking for a few minutes following the left wall we hit the stair way
and proceeded up the stairs to find the control room armed to the bone with more rebels. Sean and I walked up the stairs leaving Mat on the ground so that he wouldn’t get into a more painful state.
He and I reached the top again while I pulled my Colt out, he pulled his M110 out and gave me Mat’s one. We agreed on each of us taking out three on one side. He said on the count to three, “One……two……three!”
The rebels looked over right away as we started to open fire on them and started to take ground all the way to the control room. They were eventually all taken out and we seized the control room and took control of the
ship. We signaled in the helicopter to come back as we waited for it come. Suddenly a ship appeared off the horizon, we hoped that it was our rescue group. We were walking down the stairs when we noticed Mat was gone
and the door was opened. We sprinted down the hallways and came across him, being held hostage by two rebels. We quicky eliminated them and rescued Mat and made our way to the deck to find out it was a reinforcment group
of rebels armed with RPGs and machine guns. As they laid heavy fire on them without precision we shot them from afar going for a one hit kill on the head. They didn’t stand a chance and were killed within seconds. Again we
waited for the helicopter to arrive.

Mat’s Perspective after brought to the hospital.

The light embraced my eyes and everything was a blob of a blurr. I saw people clapping as they rushed me down the isles of what seemed
to be a hospital. They brought me into a room where they started to check my injuries and everything else that occured to me.
I was surrounded by a blob of blue that was experimenting on me with shots and other things. What happened a few days ago was the past, we were safe now and Parker’s squad-mate was now resting in peace.
A few days after me being let out of the hosipital we all held a memorial for him and said some prayers for him, while the general awarded him with medals for his brave honor. As his family was to the side
crying as much as they seemed that they would run out of tears. All of this seemed un-real that we would live in a life-death situation, but not him. It had to be a dream, there was no way this was possible.
It had to be, this was just a dream and I would eventually wake up, but then it all happened at once.

To be continued……..

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