Nassam's Comments

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Play One and One Story One and One Story Nov. 26, 2012
I love it
Play Knightmare Tower Knightmare Tower Sep. 11, 2012
.... I hate you 5/5 amazing game
Play Paladog Paladog Jul. 29, 2012
@raymond Are you deleting your history? That may be the problem Its actually cache. When you delete internet files there should be a choice to not delete your cache.
Play Seedling Seedling Jul. 24, 2012
Best ending of a game ever if you don't complete the seed
Play Epic Combo! Epic Combo! Jul. 23, 2012
I wonder what all the newly spawned turtles are thinking...
Play Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack Ultimate Assassin 3: Level Pack Jul. 19, 2012
gelatinemonkey Sad kiddo freaking out on the developer over his incapability to control his cookies. I'm thinking a monkey stole them.
Play The King's League The King's League Sep. 25, 2011
It'd be cooler if after a while of being able to challenge the king you have to do the tournament again. That way we could try different sets of characters easier.
Developer response from kurechii

Good suggestion. Noted with thanks :)

Play Mastermind: World Conquerer Mastermind: World Conquerer Aug. 29, 2011
You should be able to turn off the sound effects.
Play Frantic Frigates Frantic Frigates Aug. 29, 2011
This is an excellent game, A little short however I enjoyed it. It seems to me it was fairly simple to create, however it has a creative idea on a very over used gaming style of dodge bullets and upgrade. Berzerk Studio continues to supply me with quality entertainment.
Play Effing Machines Effing Machines Jul. 28, 2011
I enjoy how it pretty much says there is going to be a second game for this game was way too short, there were just way to few upgrades.
Play A Knight's Story 2 A Knight's Story 2 Dec. 31, 2009
Wtf is up with the Cougar? Is it like an old lady or something?
Play Sacred Seasons MMORPG Sacred Seasons MMORPG Oct. 03, 2009
Rock golems are stupid.
Play Hover Hover Aug. 23, 2009
It's still good....
Play Red Remover Red Remover Aug. 01, 2009
44's a pain in bonus mode.
Play Red Remover Red Remover Jul. 31, 2009
On Dominoes you can get below par.
Play Epic War 3 Epic War 3 Jul. 30, 2009
Some of the retaliatory waves are a tad over powered.
Play me and the key me and the key Jun. 15, 2009
for 25
Play me and the key me and the key Jun. 15, 2009
There's a way on level 25 to get it to do all 100 bounces without having to move your mouse.
Play me and the key me and the key Jun. 15, 2009
Level 11?
Play Pirate Defense Pirate Defense May. 24, 2009
The badges were a bit easy =/ I really like this game.