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Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Mar. 31, 2014
Nice, game. Medium Badge candidate in my opinion. Too bad I only figured out that none of the upgrades are one-timers, at the end. 5/5
Play Collapse It Collapse It Mar. 28, 2014
Wait what? I've got the lowest score of all my friends? apparently, using extra bombs to get direct kills, pays off better than saving bombs to get the cup. :)
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Mar. 26, 2014
hamdesal, check your profile. It might seem like you didn't get the badge of the day, while actually you did. :)
Play Champions Of Chaos 2 Champions Of Chaos 2 Mar. 10, 2014
Commander Lee has 1.1499999999999999e+23 Hitpoints...
Developer response from EpicLLama

He is a healthy guy!

Play pulse pulse Feb. 17, 2014
The complete game feels like a tutorial. The puzzles are all pretty straight forward, or you just try one option only to learn you should have tried the other one (like going down instead of up at level 5 or not using the second wall in level 10). SO: more levels and more difficulty is needed. And like Calebjames2 mentioned: I too was hoping for number hotkeys. And as ggatti says: sandbox mode for trying and sharing your own levels and musical beats.
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 13, 2014
It's nice to see, the homing rockets are a bit smarter. At least, they look smarter. And upgrading riflemen to machineguns, grenadiers to flamethorwers, rocketiers to homing is a wonderfull feature. However, it is still impossible to deactivate an upgrade. At the end of the game, I want a team of rocketeers. To get a high chance of getting more rocketeers, I have to skip all the other classes. Without purchasing the upgrades I don't want, I can't unlock the next perk, so the perk upgrade tree is stuck. This was a problem in the first game, and this is a problem in this game.
Play Kingdom Rush Frontiers Kingdom Rush Frontiers Jan. 10, 2014
I want an option to sync the rally points of Barracks. I want 6 soldiers to jump at an enemy, instead of 3 and when they die, the other 3. That's all, it's a perfect game besides that. :)
Play 10 is Again 10 is Again Jan. 10, 2014
I like the extra features, but in a level with a modifier, to solve the puzzle you need to add all the numbers and figure out how you're going to handle the difference with a ten-fold, or just start and see where you end up, which isn't actually puzzling any more. This gets a bit tedious with 25 numbers in your field. Also, this isn't 11! I asked for 11! Still 5/5 though. ;)
Play Storm the House 3 Storm the House 3 Dec. 10, 2013
Following RangyRV's guide for the Hard Badge, a bit more thorough: Day 1: Make sure you get 800 dollar, else start over. Buy the Uzi. Following days, in this order: Buy 3 gunmen. Buy the S.C.A.R. Buy a repairman. Buy a Quake Box. Buy 2 Missle Turrets. Make sure you have upgraded your wall before day 17 (fuel truck does 100 damage). Buy Gunmen, repairmen and upgrades for your buildings. At Day 30 I had 40 gunmen, 10 repairmen, 400 HP, fully upgraded the Towers and some upgrades in the Old Glory. At Day 35, I doubled my troops, because I was scared of the Robots. At this point, a flock of tanks kills you faster then a big robot. I let one through and I lost 50 HP before it was killed by the gunmen and rockets. So focus primairy on the tanks. From here it is easy as long as you keep holding your mousebutton for the Old Glory. I started day 40 with fully upgraded: Old Glory, 2 Missle Turrets, 1 Quake Box. 600 HP, 100 Gunmen and 28 repairmen. From day 10 it was never a challenge.
Play Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Earn to Die 2012: Part 2 Dec. 06, 2013
I want an Earn to Die with a plane that just can't get it's lift because of all the zombies it splatters with it rotors.
Play Gunbrick Gunbrick Dec. 05, 2013
Never mind, it is. Just press space.
Play Gunbrick Gunbrick Dec. 05, 2013
Awesome! Why doesn't this has badges? One possible improvement: make the level preview skipable.
Play Little Wars Little Wars Nov. 25, 2013
Blue seems to be able to spawn infinite units. There is so much work on this game.
Play Little Wars Little Wars Nov. 25, 2013
It is _now_ clear to me that a building can only maintain one task at the same time. But still, the special power doesn't reset, orange is incredibly dumb as if he wants to die, making level 24 near-impossible, and the actions from the AI is still random.
Play Little Wars Little Wars Nov. 25, 2013
The AI is also completely random. Sometimes they gang up on you from the start and you better start over to see them only fighting each other while you take the board. The general programming needs some work too: If I am attacked and supported at the same time, having a village at a constant 9-10 and decide to attack an empty village of 2, multiple times, I expect to see at least 4 workers walking over there, but instead there is only one. This game just isn't finished.
Play Little Wars Little Wars Nov. 25, 2013
Play Little Wars Little Wars Nov. 25, 2013
Level 10 and further easily beatable under the right, random circumstances: You have to use the lightning attack before the enemy empties his biggest house. But sometimes you start with a near-full bulb and sometimes with an empty one. This game needs a lot of updates and something to keep it interesting.
Play Steampunk Tower Steampunk Tower Nov. 25, 2013
I don't know what algoritm you used for the target priority, but I like it! In a cloud of paratroopers, I see the airplanes blow up as they enter the screen, just as I want them to.
Play Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Nov. 19, 2013
In the first boss fight, your stamina is worth ~4 XP, where for jobs, at level 40 your energy is worth 1.92 XP. Stamina is twice as expensive as energy, so that comes to, from the start, 2 XP per invested Skill Point in Stamina, against 1 XP at the start, climbing to 1.92 XP at level 40, per invested Skill Point in Energy. If you want to reach level 50 and thus get the badges quick, invest in Stamina!
Developer response from kanoapps

Good advice! :)

Play Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra Nov. 10, 2013
Only here for badges and dont feel like actually play this? Do job again, do job again, invest in max energy only, do job again do job again, do job again. Easy badge. Repeat for half an hour for medium badge.