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Play Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Kana Warrior / かなウォリアー Feb. 21, 2015
Love it! @Greg: Easy badge should be "Get gold on level 4." ;)
Play Strikeforce Kitty 2 Strikeforce Kitty 2 Jan. 27, 2015
1/5 From SFK1, you got back: "Nice game, too bad of the horrible memory leakage, it makes it unplayable." In SFK2, I see no improvement, therefore I would like you to stop making games until you know how to deal with this, therefore a 1/5, to discourage you to make new games and encourage you to learn more to prevent memory leakage.
Play Hook Hook Jan. 07, 2015
Really nice game. However, I'll give it 4/5 stars: There are a a few (2 or 3?) levels in which the game is to click fast enough, while the rest of the game is about thinking, planning and sometimes get the timing right. Both aspects are challenges which makes a game a game, however I believe the 'be fast enough' challenges are misplaced in this game. Together with the fact that you can't skip levels, this small part of the game makes it impossible for certain laptop users. Which I think is unnecessary.
Play Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack Crazy Digger 2 Level Pack Nov. 02, 2014
I love it. while jjbvd1993 is reminded of a more than 10 years old game, I noticed it is the same as a game I played over 20 years ago: Boulder Dash. I love the difficulty of this level pack, it fits the resemblance with Boulder Dash. :) 5/5
Play Command & Control Command & Control Oct. 22, 2014
Tips: Your game is unnecessary difficult for people on laptops. You allow deploying towers and upgrading during a game pause, so why not make that easier with a keyboard key to pause the game? And if you're at it, you can add a key for Next Wave too. The game itself is great btw! 5/5
Play MINE MINE Oct. 02, 2014
It would be nice to see how much the minions contributes to the gold/s and diamond/s (per minion type), as that is also the gain at that moment for an upgrade of that minion.
Play American Racing American Racing Jul. 29, 2014
"Hit all 10 robots for gold" Nice, to put the last two next to each other so you can only hit one of them.
Play Running Fred Running Fred Jul. 24, 2014
OOOoooh.... I was playing Endless mode... still 1/5
Play Running Fred Running Fred Jul. 24, 2014
How far do I have to run to get the badge and never come back?
Play The Valley Rule The Valley Rule Jun. 30, 2014
Nice game, I missed the kitty, puppy and ice-cream though. ;)
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight May. 22, 2014
If, in the last level, you get the bug that lets you play through with 0 HP, DO NOT pick up a health vile! I ruined my chance at the Hard Badge :(
Play Mighty Knight Mighty Knight May. 13, 2014
BUG: Sometimes, an enemy with no health bar appears. That's really frustrating, because he is invincible.
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 May. 08, 2014
Maybe it's my experience with these games, but I thought it was too easy. Something I noticed and used, was that the animation of the zombies don't change if they're shot, only when killed. It might be a bit harder if, for instance, the zombie flings away a bit because you shot it in the shoulder, but it keeps on moving afterwards. I think I got lucky at the start got myself a small nice stealthy search party grew to an successful surviving party. From there on it was always moral 100% which made everything easy. Looking at other experiences in the comments, I'd say the game needs a bit more tweaking.
Play Dead Zed 2 Dead Zed 2 May. 08, 2014
Miss, from now on you stay inside, let the cat have the gun!
Play Hippolyta Hippolyta Apr. 22, 2014
Please add visual components! What's the use of a mute button if it makes the game unplayable? I can't even beat level 3, because the arrow+arrow combination is impossible without sounds. Oh, and it's only because of the comments that I can guess when the level ends and know to press D to make the final jump.
Play Max Damage 2 Max Damage 2 Apr. 22, 2014
Thanks Fail1, that guide is exactly what I needed! I kept forgetting you can shoot through your own platform.
Play Epic Boss Fighter Epic Boss Fighter Mar. 31, 2014
Nice, game. Medium Badge candidate in my opinion. Too bad I only figured out that none of the upgrades are one-timers, at the end. 5/5
Play Collapse It Collapse It Mar. 28, 2014
Wait what? I've got the lowest score of all my friends? apparently, using extra bombs to get direct kills, pays off better than saving bombs to get the cup. :)
Play Feudalism II Feudalism II Mar. 26, 2014
hamdesal, check your profile. It might seem like you didn't get the badge of the day, while actually you did. :)
Play Champions Of Chaos 2 Champions Of Chaos 2 Mar. 10, 2014
Commander Lee has 1.1499999999999999e+23 Hitpoints...
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