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In Loving Memory of
Michael “Hrelling” Fuentes
1992 – 2011

Gone, but never forgotten. Godspeed, old friend.

Nemo’s Drift: Catch It!

Six months ago I didnt know when I was going to die. 1 week? 1 year? 100 years? I had no idea. My savings account was full, and i was a healthy 140 pounds. I was average. But then, I caught Nemo’s Drift. The doctors have given me 3 weeks to live, i have sores all over my visible body… and some on my invisible body… and i’m broke. in fact, I’m over 300,000 dollars in debt!! :D But you know the best part of all of this? I’ve lost 75 pounds on Nemo’s Drift! Nemo’s Drift will change. your. life!! Stop having a boring existence, stop waiting for a boring death! You’ll say WOW every time you look in the mirror once you’ve caught Nemo’s Drift. THANKS NEMO’S DRIFT!!!

- dwinters

Testimonials Of My Awesomeness

iBubba: The only good thing about this room? Nemoso.

Naverino: asking what Nemoso is is like asking what heaven is
Naverino: noone knows, we just all dream of being inside it one day
Naverino: if you catch my drift

ultimatesoldier: I’m a Nemosexual.

Loops: Nemoso rules.

sc1zzen: i love nemo

CannonFodder76: Nemo, you’re my hero.

asbryder: nemo is freakin amazing

skinlesschicken: I worship Nemo.

Karneios: Bah, everyone knows that the Fishman is coolest!

TehUberAhsem: I ♥ you Nemo.

jayders: nemo is freaking hilarious

Tero125: Nemoso = awesome

KittehLizzy: Nemo Rules!

Naverino: nemo is indeed a legend
Naverino: i think about him when i touch myself at night

Naverino: whoever silenced nemo needs to burn in hell

dwinters: nemo
dwinters: i love you

corpral_beast: chrom unmute nemo
Akkenru: bah leave him corpral…someone who’s fail enough to mute Nemo doesn’t deserve to be given the honour of his company again

Kyru: Muta is ★★☆☆☆
Kyru: Nemo is ★★★★★
MutableAir: :(
MutableAir: I hate you.
Kyru: Actually Nemo is ★★★★★★★★

lolcat75: why is nemo such a bitch and he isnt silenced?
Karneios: Because Nemo is awesome and you’re just an idiot.
lolcat75: why is nemo such a bitch?
Daleth1234: because nemo is awesome and you’re just an idiot

petal1147: mutes Nemoso
bsbs34: you cant do that
bsbs34: thats as bad as muting a mod

Zarcc: Petal muted Nemo?
Zarcc: Wow… that is like muting one of the few people worth talking to in this room.

DawnofAshes: Muting Nemo is a crime against humanity.

loonysloth: fishy=epic

sc1zzen: nemo doesnt need a fridge his food stays cold just by the sheer coolness of his demeanor

sc1zzen: N
AshkeHeron: e
sc1zzen: m
AshkeHeron: o
sc1zzen: s
AshkeHeron: o
sc1zzen: !

Quotes From The Bros

Karneios: …..
Nemoso: quiet, you.
Karneios: NO YOU!
Karneios: NO YOURS!
Nemoso: since you havent been around lately, ive had plenty of time to research the matter. IT IS CLEARLY YOURS
Karneios: But perhaps I have not been around lately because I have been researching the matter even more than you. IT IS MOST CERTAINLY YOURS
Nemoso: only you havent because ive seen your ugly face on xbox live. youve obviously been gaming elsewhere in your absence. IT IS YOURS.
Karneios: But gaming is a required part of the research, thus NO IT IS YOURS
Nemoso: but you lost the game, thus your research isnt valid. accurate research (ie mine) proves without a shadow of a doubt that IT IS YOUR GODS DAMNED FACE
Karneios: But due to your fish-like nature your research is automatically rendered wrong IT IS ALWAYS YOURS
Nemoso: possible! however due to your vulnerability to sun strain and the intense temperature in australia, there is a huge margin for error in the data you provide. IT MIGHT BE MINE, BUT IS MORE THAN LIKELY YOURS.
Karneios: It would seem that due to various problems in the research we can only find that IT MAY OR MAY NOT BE BOTH OF OURS OR NONE AT ALL
Karneios: Well that’s certainly enough of that
Nemoso: good to have you back, karn :)
Karneios: Indeed

MrEPerson: actually, my name doesn’t sound like “mystery.” It sounds like “mystery person.”
Akkenru: yes, but it’s a short-hand version of your username Mystery…the same as kiki is a short-hand of kikicoops and Vorp is a short-hand of miserable git

Akkenru: When’s your 13th birthday nero?
nero65: jan 5th 1997
Akkenru: I DIDN’T ASK YOUR DATE OF BIRTH FATBOY! I asked when your 13th birthday is

Akkenru: when’s your 13th birthday?
kyle14: i was born in 1997 on october 29

Dinsdale_: [alcohol] supposedly increases risk of butt cancer
Karneios: I’m sure that alcohol increases your risk of butt sex Dins :P

dwinters: nemo i tried to get pics of my 14 year old sister last week
Nemoso: LOL
Nemoso: wincest + pedo
dwinters: = DW
Nemoso: super combo

DeSallo: damsel, I could handle my mom I could handle you! ;)

TehUberAhsem: YUM YUM YUM!

Nemoso: do female gorillas have periods?
AshkeHeron: more than likely
Akkenru: what do you think Nemo?
Nemoso: …
Nemoso: female dogs dont
Akkenru: yes they bloody well do
AshkeHeron: when they are in heat the bleed all over the place
Nemoso: ive never heard of a dog getting blood all over the place
Akkenru: that’s the time when they stick their arse out through the gap in the fence and start barking for any would-be passer by to come pork it

Straight From The Cantina

Akkenru: ewwww I just farted on my hand to warm it up and although it marginally succeeded…when I pulled my hand out it smelled worse than a normal fart
Akkenru: how does that work?
Nemoso: WHAT THE ****
Akkenru: a fart’s a fart
Hellraiser1977: Damit Akk you pansy of a curr!
Akkenru: surely they smell the same…or did I actually have shit on my hand?
Akkenru: pansy of a curr?
Akkenru: What does that mean?
Nemoso: it means you should invest in a pair of mittens.
AshkeHeron: all of your farts smell exactly the same?
Akkenru: huh? That’s not gonna stop me farting Nemo
AshkeHeron: rofl
Hellraiser1977: Arrrr.. TO THE PLANK WITh THEE you rotten curr!
Akkenru: well no…but I’ve never had one smell as bad as that Ashke
AshkeHeron: it’s not pirate day hell, that’s in september
Akkenru: it was like rotting cabbage and chicken sileage
AshkeHeron: why on earth would you fart on your hand to warm it up
AshkeHeron: ?
Akkenru: Well I actually wanted to see how warm a fart was
Akkenru: and my hand was cold
Akkenru: so I tried it
AshkeHeron: about as warm as your insides, duh
Akkenru: well yea…but I didn’t know how long it would last
AshkeHeron: always the scientist….
Nemoso: you couldve breathed on your hands
Nemoso: like a normal person
Akkenru: when the spastic doctor tried to bleed me to death last week my blood was very warm and stayed warm for quite a while
AshkeHeron: this is Akk we’re typing to Nemo
Nemoso: some people even rub their hands together
Nemoso: friction, hot
Nemoso: imagine that
Akkenru: I wondered if a fart, being a gaseous entity would retain heat for as long…seeing as gaseous thermodynamics differs from liquid thermodynamics
Nemoso: ive never seen such a detailed sentence about a fart before
AshkeHeron: never a dull moment
Akkenru: lol
Akkenru: don’t you people ever chat about stuff that everyone does?
Nemoso: like worm nipples?
AshkeHeron: nemo, yo uhave an obsession
Nemoso: with worm nips?
Akkenru: what’s a worm nipple?
Nemoso: a worm nipple is a really long nipple
Akkenru: oh
AshkeHeron: with disgusting things on a broader level, but yes
Nemoso: the size of a pinky
Akkenru: wow that’s a big nipple
Nemoso: srsly
Akkenru: wouldn’t mind a suck on that
Nemoso: LOL
AshkeHeron: ffs
Akkenru: what Ashke?
Akkenru: It’s a nipple
Nemoso: the nipple is my favorite part of the tit.
AshkeHeron: it’s a gross nipple, look em up
AshkeHeron: like freaky little joysticks or something, ew
Akkenru: it’s not gonna do anything weird like exude hemlock just because it’s big
AshkeHeron: listen I dont like feet and they’re suppposed to be that way
Akkenru: Ash you prude
AshkeHeron: not really, cant blameme for not liking nipples :P
Akkenru: everything comes in different shapes and sizes…what does it matter? Still does the same job…have some fun with it
Nemoso: because you dont have any, ash?
Akkenru: it’s not everyday you could be a stand-in body double for a cow
AshkeHeron: you’re not saying anything that makes sense chaos
Akkenru: make the most of it
AshkeHeron: and yes nemo I do
Akkenru: lets see
Akkenru: :oD
Nemoso: pics or you dont.
AshkeHeron: right
Akkenru: lol
Nemoso: i just wanna see if a certain rumor is true.
Nemoso: >_>
AshkeHeron: I’ll get right on that
Akkenru: LMFAO
Akkenru: what rumour Nemo?
AshkeHeron: NO

Nemoso: and my dog just made a nasty fart in here
AshkeHeron: hahha did it fart on it’s paw first?
Hellraiser1977: ROFLMAO Ash
Nemoso: LOL
Nemoso: no
Nemoso: though i didnt catch him in the akkt
Nemoso: ba dum tch
AshkeHeron: roflmao
Akkenru: what?
Akkenru: shuddup
Hellraiser1977: ONe dog farts and looks around like “did I do that?!?”
Hellraiser1977: LMAO Nemoso
Nemoso: yeah, just like people.
Akkenru: hey I like sniffing my farts
AshkeHeron: my cat sniffs her butt like “wtf was that?”
Hellraiser1977: IS the cats name Akk?
Akkenru: I’ve made people cry from my farts
Nemoso: …
Akkenru: in fact I made a kid get off the bus one time
AshkeHeron: you need a healthier diet dude
Akkenru: that was very amusing
Akkenru: why Ashke?
kmfdm_52: i seen a dog fart them self awake
Nemoso: you eat a lot of legumes?
AshkeHeron: cause you’re shit shouldn’t stink that bad
Akkenru: I like baked beans Nemo
Nemoso: baked beans are awesome.
Akkenru: it’s not my shit that stinks Ashke…it’s my farts
Nemoso: (h5)
Akkenru: hi 5
kmfdm_52: i feel like pukeing from reading this text
AshkeHeron: niether should your farts, Mr. Literal
Akkenru: yea anyway…I farted on the bus and it really smelled…then this kid and his mum got on the bus and the only seats available were across the way and a seat in front of me
Akkenru: so they went up there and the kid said “I don’t want to sit there it smells”
kmfdm_52: lmao
Nemoso: dude
kmfdm_52: damn city buses
Akkenru: there weren’t any other seats so the mum tried to convince him to sit by offering him the seat window etc…then he just said “No, I want to go home” and started crying
Nemoso: i imagine akk being like jim carrey in liar liar when he farts in the elevator
Nemoso: IT
Nemoso: WAS
Hellraiser1977: ROFLMAO
Akkenru: so she reminded him of whatever it was they were going to do “What about…” and he reaffirmed he wanted to go home and they got off the bus
kmfdm_52: lmfao
kmfdm_52: that was an awesome story akk

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