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Evo Explores

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May. 04, 2016

Rating: 0

Well, before I read the comments I was just overwhelmed of the genius of this game. However, I don't know Monument Valley and maybe that this game here isn't a brand new invention makes it a little less genius, yet it's an amazing game. Using existing games as inspiration isn't a bad thing in my opinion. I can understand that one hates these people that make cheap and bad clones of games to make quick profit, but that's clearly not the case here. I'd still give 6 stars, but Kong let's me only give 5, sorry.

Dakota Winchester's Adventures - Part 3

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Mar. 10, 2016

Rating: 7

“Oh, a fire!” *walks to the next room*

Cube Escape: Birthday

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Mar. 03, 2016

Rating: 1

True awesomeness. Loved it (like all the other Rusty Lake games). I just noticed the music for the grandpa is from A Matter of Chaos, isn't it (or maybe it's just used in both games by coincidence)?

Pursuit of hat

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Feb. 20, 2016

Rating: 0

Didn't get the badge either. :( But I enjoyed getting back to this good old game. :) I'm sure Greg will fix this.

The Gatekeeper

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Feb. 13, 2016

Rating: 14

I was surprised about the nice voice acting. Good job. Also well-balanced challenges. One thing I found weird was the French-only voice in the elevator cutscene. Unfortunately I didn't understand a word (because I never learned French). I hope there will be a sequel. However, this is a 5/5 for me.

Understanding Games: Episode 4

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Jan. 28, 2016

Rating: 1

Well done, but really, the background color is rather... exhausting.

Reach the core

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Jan. 18, 2016

Rating: 0

*me - Why is there neither a comment edit feature nor a comment delete feature? :/

Reach the core

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Jan. 18, 2016

Rating: 1

It's still kind of a grind fest, or is it just be sucking at this game?


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Nov. 11, 2015

Rating: 5

400 meters easy badge? Damn, my English is very bad apparently.


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Nov. 05, 2015

Rating: 98

Completion: 100% – worth it. For the people annoyed by the unkillable block things: At some level you'll be able to kill them (maybe 50?). So keep killing things to level up. I'm now wondering again how Kong was able to hide that game from me until today.

Swords and Souls

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Oct. 27, 2015

Rating: 3

Wow, this game is so well done. Graphics, music, gameplay – they all fit well together. You, developer, Sir, are delivering a game much better than many non-free games out there for free. I'm glad this game got four badges so it gets more attention. For this game a new system should be invented on Kongregate that allows every player (above level x to prevent fakes) to give a special star to an awesome game once a month. You'd have mine (and I bet many others as well).

Developer response from SoulGame

That's really nice thanks, I'm very proud you guys like the game this much.

Jelly Escape

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Oct. 25, 2015

Rating: 2

Correction: Flash crashed, not my browser. And it just crashed again. It makes me sad that this is how I lost interest in getting the hard badge.

Jelly Escape

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Oct. 25, 2015

Rating: 1

So, my browser crashed yesterday as I wanted to stop playing and today my savegame is gone apparently. I had all normal levels with 0 deaths and all bolts. I'm really pissed now...

The Peacekeeper

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Oct. 24, 2015

Rating: 0

Get the bullet spread upgrade as soon as possible and upgrade it as much as possible. Once you have it, don't hold the mouse button, but shoot in small bursts. The spread is only active for the first few shots and fades out while you're holding. With the burst upgrade and one EMP I managed to kill the axe boss before he got to throw his first axe. -- Great game and I'd go for all upgrades, but I'm at level 41 now and some upgrades are very expensive even around level 5 and I don't get much money out of each wave (although I have the gold upgrade at 9) and now I've finished all missions and so I won't get any bonuses as well. You could've made the endgame much more fun with more money after level 30 or maybe 40 or some badass fun upgrades or random missions once you've finished all. -- Anyhow: great game. 5/5

The Light Temple

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Oct. 12, 2015

Rating: 3

The idea is nice and it's playable solo so far, but I don't like that it uses Legend of Zelda sounds. Not because I don't like the sounds or the game – they just don't belong here.

Where is cat?

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Oct. 08, 2015

Rating: 3

I can only say: Faaaar better than the last two badged games.


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Oct. 01, 2015

Rating: 6

Damn, a 95% hit chance is waaay smaller than I thought.

10 is Again

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Sep. 29, 2015

Rating: 2

Ah, this game again. Which I once planned to get the hard badge of... *challengeacceptedagain*

Monsters' Den Chronicles

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Sep. 26, 2015

Rating: 8

It's easily possible to get the Badge of the Day in the first fight(s). Choose beginner difficulty to make it easier. Make sure you have Ignus, the Sorcerer Mage, and Parthian, the Marksman Ranger. Search for battles with Acolytes (the red hood guys) and make sure there are two enemies above each other in the Initiates grid (on the map). If you're lucky, one of the Acolytes will summon a Voidstalker (creepy black creature) that is a one-hit-kill with at least the Mage. Weaken two enemies that are standing in a row (horizontal) until they are damaged enough to make a double-kill with the Marksman's Pierce skill. -> Badge of the Day done | Tips: Kill all enemies unneccessary for the badge first. Optimally you just have a row of two left, whereas one of them is an Acolyte. There is a Pass Turn button on the bottom right (hourglass icon) if you're just waiting for the Voidstalker or the Marksman's turn.

Cube Escape: The Mill

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Sep. 25, 2015

Rating: 2

Every other dev would've called it “Guano”, but these guys are just honest. Awesome game again. Graphics, audio, story and the (sometimes weird) things to do really make a perfect creepy atmosphere. I hope the story about Rusty Lake is going to continue for a long time. I'm looking forward to enjoying further games like this. (Needless to say: 5/5)