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Play Astrox Astrox Apr. 07, 2015
So playing the game (amazing btw, it's like a 3d version of FTL) the only thing I can seem to think of is, "Hum... I wonder if I can slam my ship into that giant planet over there"
Play Astrox Astrox Mar. 23, 2015
It would be nice if you could make more than 1 build for your ships so when you dock you can just change it quickly, for example have a mining setup then a fighting setup
Developer response from momoguru

im working on the loadouts now. you will be able to save 3 separate loadouts and load them in the garage. also, when you buy a ship, you will have the options to leave the modules that are installed on the ship.

Play Hunters and Props Hunters and Props Aug. 14, 2014
Need to make it not so impossible to hit a jumping lamp.
Play Unity Outdoors 0.9 Unity Outdoors 0.9 May. 26, 2014
So that's what "outside" looks like? Glad I've never been there it seems scary.
Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Jan. 16, 2013
It would be a kind gesture if there was a way to fill up guild mates reactors.
Developer response from Sublinet

Not sure we'll do that, will talk to the team about the idea.

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Jan. 13, 2013
It would be a cool feature if, when you go to the market and buy resources, there could be a button that puts the resource in your reactor automatically, I might actually buy some if I could.
Developer response from Sublinet

Why not, will keep the idea in mind :)

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Jan. 07, 2013
can't wait for that private guild page update
Developer response from Sublinet

I'm sure! It's coming soon :p

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 21, 2012
Would love to be able to trade stat-boosting gems for uranium/other gems
Developer response from Sublinet

We preferred to forbid trade and have a higher drop rate. Avoids cheating/pushing and feels rewarding. :)

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 20, 2012
and the ability to label guild buildings (it's hard to know which one to move when they are 4 missile turrets)
Developer response from Sublinet

We'll add the coordinates, should help a bit already.

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 20, 2012
would be nice if guild leaders could go into a "grid view" of the hq and be able to move all reactors/buildings inside
Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 19, 2012
there are 2 annoying problems so far that I think should be fixed 1) there should be chat in full screen 2) giving someone administrative/mod rights in a guild don't do anything as far as I've seen
Developer response from Sublinet

1) We're thinking of solutions. 2) It will have a use soon (dedicated guild forums) :)

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 16, 2012
I think a simple solution to people stealing your stars/uranium would be if the developer would just make it so that only the person that kills the monster could pick them up.
Developer response from Sublinet

Yes, we'll lock booties/stars/etc. to the killer for 5s then it will be unlocked for other players.

Play MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 MARDEK RPG: Chapter 3 Jul. 25, 2012
This game should be the example for all free games. It shows that a free game can have a great "full length" story and well fleshed out characters with sophisticated game-play mechanics and a superb attention to detail. It really puts the majority of the games on, not just this, but any free game sight to shame.
Play You are a... The Sequel You are a... The Sequel Jul. 23, 2012
I am Mother Kong the hopefully last pedo destined to invade god =D I've got a bright future ahead of me
Play Post it Draw it Post it Draw it Jul. 23, 2012
very fun game when people are playing correctly
Play The Sagittarian The Sagittarian Jul. 18, 2012
Sage, he kills the hell out of you!
Play The Infinite Ocean The Infinite Ocean Jul. 17, 2012
great game it's always a risk letting a game like this out because many people don't appropriate psychological thinking
Play Hack Slash Crawl Hack Slash Crawl Jul. 17, 2012
I'm having an odd glitch were the game is off center so i cant get into my inventory pretty much making it unplayable past the first few levels
Play Strike Force Heroes Strike Force Heroes Jul. 15, 2012
good game slightly better than raze however I think shadow blend should be an activated skill that lasts for like 10 sec so you can jump around
Play Feudalism Feudalism Jul. 11, 2012
An army of nothing but demolishers from Alexandria kills the game...