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Play Cactus McCoy Cactus McCoy Mar. 20, 2012
I really liked this game, and thought it worth playing right through. Mind you, I started to doubt the historical veracity of the setting at about Sunset Gulch, with the bazookas and self-guiding parachute bombs and all. I reckon this is a character you could expand on - sequels, cartoons, toys, lunchboxes and all.
Play Little Wheel Little Wheel Feb. 22, 2012
But why did the robots entrust the vital energy for themselves and their civilisation to a single power source, and a single cable? Yes, I overthought it, but that's part of the fun. (Also, 10,000 years of neglect would destroy everything; 10 years might be more believable.) Anyway, I love the little world you created here. The visual style is really cool, and I like the music a lot. Very short, but it works.
Play Guy of My Dreams Guy of My Dreams Sep. 24, 2011
I like it, it's pretty entertaining. Kind of shocking that my kind and talented boyfriend suddenly died when I was 23 because I didn't avoid the icon. The guilt! The music was bugging because it was almost recognisable, until I realised it was "Georgy Girl" by The Seekers,which is really not something I expected. And I know you said "lighten up, it's just a game", but it really is swimming in unfortunate implications for both sexes if you think about it in the least. But the nature of the game is so simple that it's probably inevitable.