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Play Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Jun. 27, 2014
@Deadeye: It can't be. People include randomized levels or perma-death and call it a roguelike.
Developer response from BoMToons

Ok, roguelike-like

Play Clash of Cards Clash of Cards Jun. 22, 2014
The problem was still there, but I tried registering on the non-Kongregate version (the weblink from your profile). There I could get past the deck selector, and now I'm past it here as well.
Developer response from daizor

Hm, I will check this issue. What browser are you using? Chrome and Firefox are recommended. Also, you will need clean the browser cache to acuire pathces and updates. Althougn we have facebook version and pure browser version too I love Kongregate more. I hope we will be alowed to have badges, forum and chat soon))) Dont hesitate to write me!

Play Money Makers [BETA] Money Makers [BETA] Jun. 20, 2014
I wonder if I'm really old compared to the rest if the class in primary school, or I'm really young for a University Casher.
Play Clash of Cards Clash of Cards Jun. 19, 2014
Can't get past selecting a starter deck, it just keeps going back to the selection when I click the deck I want.
Developer response from daizor

Hi! Thanx for the report! I am implementing new content now, so, there might be issues. Please, try it later. Keep me updated i need to know everything right)) Thanx!

Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 12, 2014
@Jeffan: You have to 'collect' stones in the field. So it's not the mana or damage, but the number of their stones you've cleared that has to reach a certain point before a character lights up and you can click on him/her to use one of the skills. The number is visible at the bottom of the field. You will keep the amount of stones of a certain color you cleared in the next battle, but not if you go into a new adventure/map.
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 03, 2014
Jankenpon Hero would have probably been a better game.
Play Suck My Card CCG Suck My Card CCG May. 26, 2014
Horrible version of CAH, not even close to Pretend You're Xyzzy, which at least admits it's a CAH clone.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 02, 2014
Good to see a roguelike again that for once respects the genre. Still a little too much bullshit for me like the difficulty settings, but thanks for not making it some shitty 'rogue-lite' hybrid like what's the hype nowadays.
Play Motor Beast Motor Beast Apr. 02, 2014
I got a lot more fun out of this game then I had expected to when I first clicked on this.
Play Monster Squad Monster Squad Apr. 02, 2014
Pretty sad when people have become so used to shitty casual games they cry over getting a game over when they lose. Not saying this is a good game though, just that being punished for losing is not a con.
Play Kings Of The Realm Kings Of The Realm Feb. 02, 2014
How do I search for certain Orc camps? If it's not possible, it should be, because I'm obviously not going to waste my time looking through every single level 3 camp to see if it's a stone camp. And then through level 4... And then 5..
Play TrackRacing Online TRO TrackRacing Online TRO Jan. 26, 2014
I think TrackMania has some more stuff to steal.
Play Sentry Knight Sentry Knight Jan. 11, 2014
V There's a skill reset at the blacksmith.
Play Battalion Commander 2 Battalion Commander 2 Jan. 01, 2014
Feels like it hasn't even been that long since the first part but I'll gladly play again.
Play Into Space 3: Xmas Story Into Space 3: Xmas Story Dec. 25, 2013
Only 1000 children will be getting a christmas present this year.
Play Valthirian Arc 2 Valthirian Arc 2 Dec. 25, 2013
"Welcome to our academy, student. What is your name?" "Guy Pitte, sir." "I see. From now on, you shall be called 'Dickhead'."
Play Elemental Power Elemental Power Dec. 22, 2013
I love how you can buy every pack with gold too. I like the cardgame itself too. Good job, will keep playing for at least a while.
Play Idle God Idle God Dec. 22, 2013
I'm so glad the weapon seller allowed me to use my bare hands for only 320.000 scraps.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Dec. 15, 2013
Having the girls say a short sentence or one of a few random sentences that will change the further your 'relationship' progresses would be a nice gimmick. Solid start, but could use a lot of extra systems to expand on it to keep it interesting for the long run. Introduce new options at higher levels, if it's a Idle game I'd like to be able to have it on while doing other stuff for weeks without feeling like I'm 'working' towards nothing. Some ideas could be investing in buildings in the village that will eventually get new people to town to give you new upgrade options/ways to expand your farm in different ways. Or being able to hire specialists to help you speed up different processes.
Developer response from Junjo

Interesting ideas. Yes, the game needs more content for higher levels, I'll work on it. The idea was to use this game as a base for a bigger one, but I'll update this one from time to time.

Play Deadly Gambling Deadly Gambling Dec. 15, 2013
"Rate 4 or 5 stars on Kong to get bonus gold"? Really? Just for that, I changed it to 1 star.
Developer response from Barragus

Thank you for your input. You missed the purpose of that task. If you like game - than you can rate it high, so other players will know about it - more players - more fun for you. If you don't like game - its strange that you played it to level where we ask you to rate it, but you can rate it as you want - there is no punishment for bad rating. Task is just to remember you to rate game.