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Play Card Hunter Card Hunter Dec. 17, 2014
Damn, I just made a new account to restart on the main site not too long ago and now I see it here.
Developer response from FlaxativeCH

You can link your Kong account to whichever in-game account you want :)

Play DungeonUp DungeonUp Nov. 27, 2014
This is how you make a roguelike different from the standard roguelike without completely ruining the basis of the genre like 100% of all roguelites do and a big part of modern games that dare to call themselves roguelikes. Good job.
Play Galaxy Harvest Galaxy Harvest Nov. 20, 2014
I failed the Locust mission on Low yet it says I completed it.
Play Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Rogue Legend: Tame the Wild Nov. 13, 2014
Uhoh, there's 'rogue' in the title. Stupid people are going to upvote the roguelike tag again.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 20, 2014
You can sell items by using the 'open inventory' button in the shop and dragging items to the shop stock.
Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Oct. 20, 2014
It might be just me, but personally I think the amount of currencies in the game might be getting out of hand. We've got Gold, Diamonds, Gemshards, Skulls, Magical Essence, Fragments and now RP. It's managable for now, but it seems like almost every big update brings some kind of new currency into the game. I think using an existing currency for a new feature has to be considered more from now on, even if you have to increase that currencies' droprate to balance things out.
Play Sky Quest Sky Quest Oct. 20, 2014
This is not Newgrounds. At least re-read your updates before copy-pasting them here if you want to pretend to care about the players so bad.
Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Sep. 14, 2014
I actually got plenty of player enemies one month ago, now I don't get any human players at all. I could turn force PvP on, but the wait is unacceptably long now already, I'm not going to wait even longer.
Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Sep. 11, 2014
When I click Battle during a Brawl period, the Brawl icon is still covered in chains. So you can only go to a Brawl with the main screen button. Which is probably quicker in the first place, but that doesn't mean the other way shouldn't work.
Developer response from FrozenTorch

We'll be using this button for something else in the future.

Play Prime World: Defenders Prime World: Defenders Aug. 22, 2014
The talents system could be more expansive, but other than that great job on this unforced hybrid.
Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Aug. 15, 2014
"Let's make a new UI to make things less convoluted and then add a giant ugly Brawl button over the screen."
Developer response from FrozenTorch

Strange this is upvoted. All of the feedback I've heard on the brawl button has been positive. Thanks for the complain though, we plan to replace it with something to handle the scheduling of events better anyway.

Play Rise of Champions Rise of Champions Aug. 14, 2014
Got an ingame error when starting a brawl and lost my entry skulls because of it...
Developer response from FrozenTorch

Sorry, that's why we're giving away lots of free skulls. If it happens again please report it in the "Bugs" thread on the forum!

Play Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Labyrinth: Secrets of ShadowHaven Jun. 27, 2014
@Deadeye: It can't be. People include randomized levels or perma-death and call it a roguelike.
Developer response from BoMToons

Ok, roguelike-like

Play Clash of Cards Clash of Cards Jun. 22, 2014
The problem was still there, but I tried registering on the non-Kongregate version (the weblink from your profile). There I could get past the deck selector, and now I'm past it here as well.
Developer response from daizor

UPD: FIXED :) Hm, I will check this issue. What browser are you using? Chrome and Firefox are recommended. Also, you will need clean the browser cache to acuire pathces and updates. Althougn we have facebook version and pure browser version too I love Kongregate more. I hope we will be alowed to have badges, forum and chat soon))) Dont hesitate to write me!

Play Money Makers [BETA] Money Makers [BETA] Jun. 20, 2014
I wonder if I'm really old compared to the rest if the class in primary school, or I'm really young for a University Casher.
Play Clash of Cards Clash of Cards Jun. 19, 2014
Can't get past selecting a starter deck, it just keeps going back to the selection when I click the deck I want.
Developer response from daizor

Hi! Thanx for the report! I am implementing new content now, so, there might be issues. Please, try it later. Keep me updated i need to know everything right)) Thanx!

Play Dangerous adventure Dangerous adventure Jun. 12, 2014
@Jeffan: You have to 'collect' stones in the field. So it's not the mana or damage, but the number of their stones you've cleared that has to reach a certain point before a character lights up and you can click on him/her to use one of the skills. The number is visible at the bottom of the field. You will keep the amount of stones of a certain color you cleared in the next battle, but not if you go into a new adventure/map.
Play Infectonator: Hot Chase Infectonator: Hot Chase Jun. 03, 2014
Jankenpon Hero would have probably been a better game.
Play Suck My Card CCG Suck My Card CCG May. 26, 2014
Horrible version of CAH, not even close to Pretend You're Xyzzy, which at least admits it's a CAH clone.
Play Cardinal Quest 2 Cardinal Quest 2 May. 02, 2014
Good to see a roguelike again that for once respects the genre. Still a little too much bullshit for me like the difficulty settings, but thanks for not making it some shitty 'rogue-lite' hybrid like what's the hype nowadays.