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Play Learn to Fly 2 Learn to Fly 2 Jun. 24, 2011
I loved this game, but I loved it even more when a 8-bit wizard popped up when I one time fell and he said something like: "I command you to rise up from the snow and fly some more.". Then I were at 100 height.
Play The Search for WondLa The Search for WondLa Apr. 25, 2011
I've read the book. The illustrations come from the book (mostly from the chapters). The girl is named Eva Nine. The robot is named Muthr. Muthr stands for multiusing/user (forgot what the u stood for) task help robot. That blue thing (first seen in picture 8) is named Rovender Kitt. Eva likes to call him for Rovee. That guy in picture 9 is named Besteel. He works for Queen Ojo. He destroyed Eva's home (which Eva had to escape from in picture 5). He slays/kidnaps creatures to take them to Queen Ojo's museum in her castle in the city of Solas. And the large thing in picture 10 may be a water bear. Eva calls her for Otto. Eva resqued him at Besteels camp when she and Rovender was trapped there, but sadly, Besteel killed a smaller water bear before Otto. Otto can somehow talk to Eva in her mind. Eva has a strong bond to him. The book and the illustrations are all made by Tony DiTerlizzi.
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 09, 2011
@Doon_Doon That's because it's inspired off that game. Did you read the Credits?
Play Bullet Heaven Bullet Heaven Apr. 03, 2011
Let me see, amazing music, Z to shoot, Shift for focus AND LOTS OF BULLETS! It's like a Kongregate version of Touhou! YAAAY! :D
Play Space is Key Space is Key Apr. 01, 2011
A pause button would be nice.
Play Pixel Grower Pixel Grower Mar. 17, 2011
Run everyone! It's raining pixels!
Play DJManiax DJManiax Jan. 21, 2011
I love Cirno's Perfect Math Class, because i love Touhou! :D And i absolutely love this game!
Play Snotput Snotput Dec. 27, 2010
I'm aiming to get 0m. It's impossible. D=