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Play The NinjaCow Adventure - World 3 The NinjaCow Adventure - World 3 May. 04, 2008
Sheesh, Jude, everyone knows the first was the best. You don't have to rub it in. Excuse ME for trying to milk a dead cow to death.
Play Kongai Kongai Mar. 08, 2008
Why is it always so hard to find an opponent. Is everyone scared of me?
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Feb. 17, 2008
This game is kinda lame...
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Feb. 15, 2008
Oh no he's beating me!
Play Pillage the Village Pillage the Village Feb. 14, 2008
I like the music and the camera movement between stages.
Play Hexiom Hexiom Dec. 08, 2007
The trick is to just try to make it symmetrical
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Nov. 28, 2007
:D well... if you get to err 3000 it shows a movie of me killing DrNeroCF... >.> <.<
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Nov. 27, 2007
Just because it has the same gameplay elements as another game doesn't mean that it is stolen... Do you accuse every Tower Defense game as being 'stolen' from DTD?
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Nov. 26, 2007
@Longvie: I put "created by NinjaCow" because I made the whole thing all by myself. I didn't "steal" and "modify" anything, contrary to your accusations. Besides, the 'copter' game that you showed is one of hundreds of similar games. I am sure that "" did not invent the genre.
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Nov. 24, 2007
Damn you, xXRobbyXx! ;D
Play Kongrecopter Kongrecopter Nov. 24, 2007
Dang it I must get to First Place!
Play rotaZion rotaZion Nov. 12, 2007
Yay! I beat it!
Play Fur Ball Fur Ball Nov. 11, 2007
YAY! Now make Nodes 2.
Play The fancy guy adventures The fancy guy adventures Nov. 08, 2007
Are you making fun of Fancy Pants??? HOW DARE YOU?!?!?!
Play The NinjaCow Adventure - World 1 The NinjaCow Adventure - World 1 Nov. 05, 2007
Before you flame look at the second to last page of comments. (Currently Page 7.) Does Brad seem angry?
Play Sniperz V1 Sniperz V1 Nov. 04, 2007
Maybe you should make it an actual game first...
Play attached(twicethefun) attached(twicethefun) Nov. 04, 2007
Too hard to understand unless you read the instructions... and they were too long anyway.
Play Nodes Nodes Nov. 04, 2007
When's Nodes 2 coming out, huh? Get to work, Lazybones!
Play Hero RPG Hero RPG Nov. 03, 2007
Glitch: If you walk into a wall while pressing spacebar to 'trade', your character will sometimes 'fly'... you can fly all the way out of town.
Play Breach Breach Nov. 01, 2007
Not too bad...