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Play Gluey 2 Gluey 2 Sep. 09, 2011
I enjoyed the first a lot more than the second. The first felt more about logic while this one is more clicking as fast as possible. I also got fed up with getting the same amount of new blobs for clicking 2 blobs as I would for getting 10. I've been waiting for ages for Gluey two and while it stands as an interesting and good game on it's own two feet, comparing it to number 1 is disappointing. Saying that I did enjoy it. :)
Developer response from fizzgear

Thanks for critique! Idea was that killing 10 blobs is better than killing 2 (as you have more free space this way in the level). In retrospect I did not like it in Gluey 1 how you have nothing to achieve when level score goal is reached (and you just click the remaining blobs till all is over). Thanks for mentioning you enjoyed Gluey 2. :) If you have specific ideas for a potential sequel, I am all ears! Seriously!

Play Cave of No Return Cave of No Return Aug. 15, 2011
Why does the losing screen say 'You have been penetrated'. I think I've been crushed by a load of rocks, if anything. :P
Play Flagstaff: Chapter Three Flagstaff: Chapter Three Jul. 28, 2011
Disappointing end, and not much different from the other two. Also it gets far too easy after a few skill upgrades, I managed to kill most things with just the range characters. When moving characters it's monotonous and if this is the last chapter it will be incredibly disappointing!
Play Flagstaff: Chapter One Flagstaff: Chapter One Jul. 27, 2011
''Why are you still in a towel?'' xD
Play Nyan Tunnel Nyan Tunnel Jul. 27, 2011
Play UFO Attack UFO Attack May. 26, 2011
Some of the words on the UFOs are spelt wrong. Grumble grumble.
Play Labyrinth Labyrinth May. 26, 2011
The map in the corner is nice, but possibly takes away the only difficulty; finding your way around. To improve you need to add ways to die (Traps, bad guys whatever) and collectables (Coins, armor, gems).
Play Magic Miner Magic Miner Apr. 04, 2011
In my first go I met the 'Black Miner' almost instantly and obviously got completely owned. However the second time round I haven't seen him once in 20 minutes, and by now I've got all the gems etc that I can get and leveled to the top. WHERE IS MY BLACK MINER?! Maybe the Black Miner should level as we do, just to make it a fair playing field. However it's needless to have a fair playing field if the stupid villain can't keep up with me! :P Looking forward to the full version though! :)
Play Alxemy Alxemy Feb. 10, 2011
I found myself with no more to complete but lacking the pouch etc, however after refreshing they appeared. :P Good game, I really enjoyed D.G and this one is just as good. The only thing that bugged me was that each time you go to the automatic 'World' screen you have to click 'back', it just got a bit monotonous. Otherwise a big thumbs up :)
Play i find no love in this passionless life i find no love in this passionless life Jan. 09, 2011
The funniest bit was at the end.
Play Word Planet Word Planet Dec. 08, 2010
Seriously unsure is some of the words I found actually exist... other than this was enjoyable. :)
Play endeavor endeavor Dec. 08, 2010
Zapping everyone is more fun, I didn't want to go up the big beam anyway! xD
Play Color Turret Color Turret Dec. 04, 2010
After my eyes stopped dying and I worked out what I was doing it became simple. If you DID want to develop it I'd say get rid of the flashy bits and make the rotator thing have completely separate colours, so rather than having to concentrate on turning one colour to fit in everything have separate turny bits for separate colours. Just to shake it up a bit.
Play Motion Music Tetris (Part 1: Horizontal Lines) Motion Music Tetris (Part 1: Horizontal Lines) Nov. 15, 2010
I think my eyes are broken. One knows it's a good game when it breaks your eyes. :P
Play First Response First Response Oct. 12, 2010
With 20 seconds left I hurriedly ran around collecting my final civilian, when to my horror I found myself unable to walk. What happened, I wondered, why are my legs not working. Death ensued. Fix the inability to walk at crucial moments, it made me sad. FIRE SHOULD NEVER WIN! :P
Play GemClix GemClix Oct. 06, 2010
I like it, but as it gets faster I find it a bit too sparkly (For want of a better word) and I struggled to actually concentrate on the gems that where spinning and already there - especially due to the amount of colours. Nice game though.
Play Doodle God Doodle God Jun. 26, 2010
Finally got 115! Phew... Well after that i suppose i better get on with that work i was distracting myself from... xD 5/5 for sheer time wasting ability :D
Play Vacation Mogul Vacation Mogul Jun. 17, 2010
So after repeated refreshes due to the continuous bugs, i slowly began to enjoy this game. Then the bugs got the better of me... decided to find a game that WORKS.
Play Type and Pop Type and Pop Nov. 23, 2009
Okay game, a few things to change, firstly you need to make sure that monsters don't overlap, guessing at words isn't the point of this sort of game, also i find myself waiting after seeing the first and last letter to see the other letters in the middle. It isn't that bad you just need to improve it a bit. 2/5 for now.
Play Dress Up Stick Girl Dress Up Stick Girl Oct. 05, 2009
Lololol pretty much the same level as most other dressups, just with a secret xD 2/5