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Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 20, 2012
also it would be cool if the guild leader can see who spend how much uri to the guild ...
Developer response from Sublinet

There will be logs in the guild in a future patch :)

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 19, 2012
would be cool if the chat would be in the game window its rly anoying to switch all the time if you play full screen ... just a little window with different tabs for guild,Party,Galaxy,World,Private Chat :), anyways awesome game ty :)
Developer response from Sublinet

Chat is currently HTML/JS/CSS so we can't make it fullscreen with the flash (except maybe on Chrome) at the moment. We might integrate a flash variant of the chat later on :)

Play Nova Raider Nova Raider Dec. 17, 2012
hi i cant finish the quest with creat a reactor becouse i build them befour i had this quest so i have to w8 untill i am lvl 20 to finish this quest or is that just a bug becouse all other tasks in this quests are allrdy done!?
Developer response from Sublinet

You can skip the mission after a while ;)