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Tiki Villagers

The world is an old place, and it is within the deep island jungles that the oldest and darkest of its secrets are tended. A tribe of hunters and lorekeepers has protected the wisdom of the earth since its creation, fighting tirelessly against the modern world that claws at their sanctuary. But progress, like water, wears on even the most powerful of structures. It is a battle the tribe is losing. With a solemn decree and a savage war cry, the tribe decided to leave the shelter of their island and take the fight to the bright, plastic world encroaching on their solitude.

Before leaving, the wisest of them, knowing that the strength that was theirs inside the forest would fade as they left its borders, fashioned totems and weapons from the spirit of the jungle. Even the youngest of them knew what a sacrifice the island had made in giving these objects of power to the villagers. It would be defenseless until their return.

The old world had declared war on the new.
Characters (click card to see back)

Juju, the Shaman

Juju carries doom in his pocket, but for all his magic he can't take a punch.

Strengths: Powerful Dark Magic Attack, Self-Healing
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Speed

Ubuntu, the Elder

Ubuntu has powerful friends in spiritual places, but physical attacks can bring him down to earth.

Strengths: Powerful Dark Magic Attack, Physical Attacks
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks
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Popo, the Younger

Never underestimate the power of a child with a slingshot and a gender identity crisis.

Strengths: Speed, Dodging, Critical Hits
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Light Magic Attacks

Tafari, the Trapper

Tafari can block his enemy's options with his clever traps, but sometimes a bludgeon beats finesse.

Strengths: Enemies Cannot Switch Out, Traps
Vulnerabilities: Light Magic Attacks, Has Low Damage Attacks

Zina, the Beast Mistress

Zina is fierce, but her tiger is fiercer. No one, not even a deck character, is safe from his attack.

Strengths: Physical Attacks, Multi-Enemy Attacks
Vulnerabilities: Physical Attacks, Low Defense

Deadly Poison

Great on Zina to poison the whole enemy team. Also good for Tafari or Popo to add a little punch to their attacks.

Elusive Feather

The Feather makes Popo especially hard to hit with physical attacks, though it's also helpful on Juju as an aid to landing Touch of Doom. Useful on any Villager if physical attacks become important in the metagame.

Death Mask

Getting one extra turn to live is especially good for Juju so he can land a Touch of Doom, but really any Villager benefits from getting one more turn to attack.

Quickening Powder

The unpredictability of Quickening powder can help any Villager sneak in an attack faster than the enemy realizes is possible.

Tiger's Claw

The Claw weakens the enemy, giving you a bit more time to set up your own attacks.