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Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Jun. 13, 2012
I have facepalmed so f-cking much my head hurts, i'm leaving it at that
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Apr. 30, 2012
Okay, I love this game, and I care for it in a sense, and because I care for it, I /demand/ that the Mk18Mod0 gets a HARD NERF, and FAST. Every other room I join is either being dominated by or is soon dominated by some random D-bag with an Mk18 and I'm getting sick of it awfully fast. It seems like the only decent strategy against it is to either use another Mk18 (thus rendering all the other guns useless) or hope for a lucky headshot with a pistol or .50 cal. Nerf the damage, widen the bullet spread, reduce the clip size to 8 bullets a clip, I don't care! Just defang this monstrosity before we get servers full of nothing but Mk18Mod0s!
Play Combat Extreme Combat Extreme Apr. 04, 2012
This is actually a very nice little game to kill some time with on the side. I'd like to address some things you devs should consider before making any big updates or anything. First of all, this game is GOOD like it is. More importantly, it's BALANCED (to a fault, but more balanced than Red Crucible). KEEP IT THIS WAY. If you're going to put in a level system, do NOT unbalance the game with high-power weapon rewards or whatever, or at the very least keep the gun rewards balanced with the ones everyone has. Unbalanced weapons make people rage, people raging makes them quit the game. Bad for everyone involved except the untouchable fags at the top of the leaderboards. All in all, keep up the good work, and for Arceus's sake, no matter what you do, KEEP IT BALANCED.
Developer response from CombatExtreme

Loud and clear soldier! Thanks for the suggestions.

Play Vector Stunt Vector Stunt Dec. 02, 2011
A game that gets more intense as the music gets more hype? WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE. Also I'm apparently way better at this game than I think I am, I get solid 5-stars pretty often, and a lot of people with pretty hype songs on the Recent list end up with like 3- or 4-stars. Makes me want to get those songs so I can post a better score than them and they can be all like "ooooh that slick little bastard"
Play Island Escape demo Island Escape demo Nov. 11, 2011
Damn those semi-inanimate sliding Obvious Beta monsters scared the hell out of me After I found the weapons shop and bought bullets for days... Three shots, every time. And the pistol if they get wiley. Also the big boss stone thing scared me when it MK Walk'd on me after taking like 8 close-range shotgun shells. Never used it again after that.