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Play The one star rated game The one star rated game Jul. 26, 2015
Looking forward to seeing this one develop. Good luck!
Play Money Makers [BETA] Money Makers [BETA] Jun. 24, 2014
Aaaand energy doesn't regenerate when you're off-line. >.>; Oh yay. xD
Play Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 Tainted Olive - Chapter 1 May. 28, 2014
Cor, blimey. O.O Well, my good sir, you have done it again. I actually had chills at the end there! Very well done indeed, and I look forward immensely to Chapter 2!!
Play DayMare Town DayMare Town May. 24, 2014
saniec, that puzzle is because in Rock, Paper, Scissors, paper beats rock. I agree completely about the pixel-hunting, however.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Apr. 06, 2014
Thanks for the response, AnorhiDemarche! That really should have occurred to me, hehehe.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Apr. 05, 2014
And before anyone makes a smart alec comment, yes, I have refreshed the page multiple times in an effort to correct the issue.
Play Idle Farmer Idle Farmer Apr. 05, 2014
Wellp, I WAS enjoying this, but now when I farm the produce is simply disappearing as opposed to moving into the crates, the total amount I should earn when I next visit the village has disappeared, and when I do visit the village I earn absolutely zilch, however much I've harvested before doing so. Such a shame, I really was enjoying this. =o(
Play Collapse It Collapse It Mar. 30, 2014
AHAHHAHAH xD I love when the head explodes and the bodies stay standing. Epic! xD
Play Save Your Garden Save Your Garden Oct. 09, 2013
I was expecting better, I have to admit. >.>;
Play Brave Knights Brave Knights Oct. 09, 2013
Do be disheartened... One shit traps... Epic typos. x3
Play Rabbit Fable Rabbit Fable Sep. 26, 2013
Sure, the bunny walks a little slowly, especially when he's limping, but I absolutely adored this game. A grateful 5/5 from me. ^w^
Play Must Escape the Clock Tower Must Escape the Clock Tower Sep. 26, 2013
When you pick the wrench, or as it is in game "wremch" up, it says you've picked up the cleaner. >.>;
Play Grand Banda Grand Banda Sep. 26, 2013
Apart from the lack of explanation as to what is going on in the beginning, I really enjoyed this game. 5/5 Hope to see the grannies again!
Play Mission Pegasus Escape Mission Pegasus Escape Sep. 26, 2013
So... The cat opens the doors? Hm...
Play Hopy Boo Hopy Boo Sep. 26, 2013
Why would they bring out two almost identical games? o.O Hopy and Monst. Huh.
Play An Adventure In Unknown Lands An Adventure In Unknown Lands Sep. 26, 2013
This looks like it's going to turn into the kind of game I adore. I absolutely cannot wait to see the improvements. Freedom of camera movement and the ability to zoom in and out would be a huge plus. Being able to see how strong enemies are compared to you is necessary. Apart from that, it's starting off ever so well!
Play Prof Milton Moon Seizure Prof Milton Moon Seizure Sep. 26, 2013
Fixed as in doesn't pop in and out, not that it's broken.
Play Prof Milton Moon Seizure Prof Milton Moon Seizure Sep. 26, 2013
Adorable little game, but yes, I also wish the inventory were fixed, it's very annoying indeed. :3 4/5 from me.
Play Killer Escape 2 Killer Escape 2 Sep. 26, 2013
I just adore your escape games. Can't wait for the next installment!! <3
Play Office Escape: The Interview Office Escape: The Interview Sep. 25, 2013
If ever this were built into a full length game, with a whole bunch of different rooms to explore, I'd almost certainly buy it. Just sayin'.