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Play Dungelot Dungelot Dec. 21, 2012
Is there a final dungeon in this game or some kind of an end? I'm on level 88, playing with an assassin, 8100 health, 149 attack, 9k money, and all the stats are going up.
Play Dream Symphony Dream Symphony Oct. 10, 2012
Actually, it's too bad we can't listen to all the available arrangements together. The credits music is awesome, so is the final music, but mixing them together would be just super terrific!
Play Dream Symphony Dream Symphony Oct. 10, 2012
Oh man, the way the main theme evolves with the game progress is simply amazing! And of course, would the author be so kind to share the soundtrack as a downloadable? =)
Play Bloons TD 5 Bloons TD 5 Aug. 27, 2012
Does anyone know what the Special Agents' "pro" trait means?
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 18, 2012
Snipers should shoot targets from their max distance, not close it to get killed with the first enemy shot. Now, they simply ignore enemy's Gatling turrets and get within their shooting distance... Stupid death ensues.
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 18, 2012
What is the tesla experimental squad? Some people here says it's like the enemy's Ubersoldat, but i don't see any new squads available after buying the tesla coil upgrade.
Play Relic Of War Relic Of War Aug. 17, 2012
I don't get it. How do i force my troops to hold the ground? I want to place a pack of snipers in the strategic places, but they keep walking away...
Play Flood Runner 4 Flood Runner 4 Aug. 07, 2012
I do miss the music from the previous version.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Aug. 04, 2012
Hmmm, now my save disappeared too. Without any version update from the developer. But i've updated the flash player recently. May that be the reason my savegame is gone?
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Aug. 03, 2012
Clicking the powerup icons during the game doesn't always work, sometimes you have to re-click the icon, and the precious moment is already lost. Please fix that or add the keyboard shortcuts to the powerup activation.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 31, 2012
A few suggestions to make the game better: 1. Some stats on your in-match performance accessible during the match. Maybe the current value of your match rating. So you know if you need to improve or you're already good enough. 2. The injuries. You get injured - you miss a few matches. So, some clubs could offer you contracts with the injury payments, while the others don't. Also, there could be some insurance you could buy, so if you get injured you gain some money bonus. The amount of matches you skip might be altered by some "recuperation" minigame.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 27, 2012
Ahh, i got it, the powerups are single-use. Sorry, my bad for reporting them missing after reload.
Play Turbo Golf Turbo Golf Jul. 27, 2012
The powerup upgrades are not stored between the games.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 26, 2012
Hm, why is there no match for the 3rd place in the WC? And why there are no records in your title stats for the 2nd/3rd places in the international tournaments?
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 26, 2012
Got an invitation to visit the upcoming club fan club meeting... while on World Cup final tournament. Do they really expect me to dump the national team for that kind of event? Personally, i think that all the club events should take a break while the Euro or WC is taking place.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 26, 2012
I think that if your relationship with Boss is good, you should be given more trust instead of being sent away from the pitch if you failed a few passes during the first 60 minutes.
Play Crazy Climber Crazy Climber Jul. 21, 2012
Play Castlewars Castlewars Jul. 21, 2012
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 21, 2012
The slot machine strategy that has been good to me. But to use it safely you need about $1500 of spare money. 1. Always use the max bets ($50 currently). 2. Play for 3 times straight. 3. If you won on the first/second attempt - take the prize and don't play anymore today. 4. If you won on the third attempt - you're back to what you had before starting - quit for today. If you won the jackpot, take the prize and quit for today. 5. If you lost the first three consecutive bets, play till you either got profit or at least reached the -50 loss from the initial money you started playing today with. With the $1500 reserve, you will almost always come back from any loss you could sustain. Then, quit for today. 6. Repeat these steps anytime you wanna play. Some days you'll be playing at -50 loss, but most of the time you either win in the first two attempts, or you lose nothing. Over the time, your profit will be quite measurable.
Play New Star Soccer New Star Soccer Jul. 21, 2012
Why can't i bet on my own horses? Buying a $2500 steed and then only being able to play it once in three weeks (because then it needs time till it's 100% rested again) - just to win $100 in the best case? Really, you can do better with your money. Slot machines are much more profitable.