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Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights May. 05, 2014
There is no such thing as "jumping" to this game as it would ruin the maps --- they'll have to repeat the game, close from scratch. The closest way to jump in this game is to dash. Which can be fix by going to custom controls.
Play Ninja Slash Ninja Slash May. 06, 2013
I have noticed that tons of people have been comparing this game to Temple Run, Subway Surfers or whatever game which involves 3D platform jumping. Although both are pretty much the same idea, there's no relation, just inspiration.
Play Incursion Incursion Jan. 11, 2013
-Finished the game -Got all the gems -Killed Ettyr Yet no badges received due to early gaming...
Play Ninja Warz Ninja Warz Jan. 09, 2013
Facebook games = pay to win
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Dec. 28, 2012
I am very amazed on how this game is popular! The ONLY java game that is in the top 5 multiplayer games.
Play Incursion Incursion Dec. 22, 2012
To everyone who noticed that this was influenced by Kingdom Rush. I'm not sure if anyone noticed but both games were actually supported by Armor Games.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Dec. 21, 2012
To all who have loading and log-in problems. LOADING PROBLEM: If the loading takes to long try refreshing remember, that the loading wouldn't be quicker as you may expect. Solution: Wait. LOG-IN PROBLEM SOLUTION 1: If you cannot log-in it might mean that your internet is slow. Prepare to be disconnected. Solution: Fix your connection. LOG-IN PROBLEM SOLUTION 2: If you still cannot be log-in, even though your connection is good, that means it is reboot time on Spiral Knights. Solution: Wait a few minutes and open it up again. If none of this solution worked, your computer couldn't load a big game like this or your java is outdated.
Play Tetravalanche Tetravalanche Dec. 19, 2012
What was the worm doing in the tetris game at the first place? O.O
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Dec. 19, 2012
Guys, don't complain about the load. We should be grateful for the loading system. Without it, Spiral Knights is incomplete.
Play Icy Gifts 2 Icy Gifts 2 Dec. 19, 2012
Very great game! But there is a cheat actually. Works EVERYTIME! Play level 45 wherein there are nukes and floes. Bomb the nukes first then each play gives you 210 gifts. It's somehow a great gift farming level. [+] This so people can finish the game easily.
Play Outernauts Outernauts Dec. 09, 2012
I think this is what happens with Ash dies in Pokemon....
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Dec. 08, 2012
Continuation: Amalgam can duplicate once eaten multiple glooples, multiple types or not. Amalgam and Gray can kill each other, how? When Gray is in shield mode Amalgam can easily eat it on the other hand, Gray can easily stab Amalgam to death. Grinder: One of the strongest, void eaters attacks cannot affect Grinder. Razor Queen: Not the strongest, but the final boss. It is a crab like figure with a color of dark blue and golden yellow. Razor Queen connects to smaller version of it. Read the beastiary if you don't know much about a certain type of gloople. Also, stickie is rather careless than aggressive. They would ignore you and would run forward. I hope this helps!
Play Amorphous+ Amorphous+ Dec. 08, 2012
If you study the behavior and patterns of the types of glooples available, here are some information I got to put together. Helpful gloople: Meltie - May go against you or against other gloople. Melties can melt grays, amalgams and common weaker enemies but cannot melt void eaters, horror and grinder. Strong Enemies: Against horror you I'd recommend you to run as far as possible. This will activate it's 3rd attack, flinging it's biter form to you. Once it's launched, run against it and swing the sword to kill it. Against void eater is simple but it requires precise timing. It's attacks are 1. Gravity: destroys hazard suit 2. Shockwave: activated when near, kills you (even with hazard) but you can survive with reactive armor. 3. Beam: Kills you even with reactive armor, cannot kill Grinder. (WARNING: Beam can even kill Razor Queen! The final boss in this game)
Play Dungeon Rampage Dungeon Rampage Dec. 08, 2012
Then again, another facebook game .-.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Dec. 06, 2012
Part 2: The story is also good too but a bit short for me. The weapons are my favorites! The animation of the weapons are cool. Example: Cutter's attack leaves out a shadow of it's attack showing how fast it's attacks are! The guns and bombs too are cool but I think what keeps this game at it's best is the variety of the available weapons! There are man weapons to try and each has a certain advantage to a monster.
Play Spiral Knights Spiral Knights Dec. 06, 2012
What's good about Spiral Knights? First of all this is just my review about the game, this are based on my mind and opinion. (So if you disagree please keep it to yourself) I have to say, Spiral Knights is a very amazing and gives an exciting twist to multiplayer games! The cooperation in this game is really awesome! The graphics are the best and there is barely lag! The only thing what's bad with it is the energy, although it gives a different twist to the game, it gives many disadvantages. I think 25% of the people who can't wait that much leaves the game in search of an anti-energy game. Another thing is crafting weapons also cost energy! Most of the game even costs 10 energy per play. That made me disappointed. But still, no one can resist the awesome graphics! Even the characters are cute and simply amazing! I would recommend "mini-games" so people can play while waiting for their energy. I would rate this game 10/5 and would recommend people to play it!
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Dec. 06, 2012
Tip/Cheat to get hard badge: Snail Combo --> The easiest way to get it is by place it overhead by a wall, you'll get a sure win combo there!
Play Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Fancy Pants Adventure: World 2 Dec. 06, 2012
That rabbit, yes it stole fancy's ice cream; but the big question is, "how could the rabbit go miles and miles away when it stole fancy's ice cream for only a few seconds? D:
Play Ultimate Assassin 3 Ultimate Assassin 3 Dec. 05, 2012
Why is he interviewing me when his about to die? He says, "Who are you?", "Are you new?"
Play Ultimate Assassin 2 Ultimate Assassin 2 Dec. 05, 2012
I hear you have a mission for me. "Yes. This man, green suit. Surrounds himself with short sighted blue suited guards armed with guns." Good. Building layout? "Here you go." Why are there no entrances or exits? "Security." I see. How should I enter? "Don't worry we'll teleport you in here." Impressive, but why not closer? "Don't feel like it." Uh, I see. Okay so I'll start by killing this one and- "No, no killing guards." What? Okay...whatever. I guess I'll just grab my silencer and- "No no! No guns! Here's a knife." ...What? "It's a special knife, trust me." I...okay. Where's my extraction point? "We'll tell you after you take out the target." I...don't want this job. Lol